6 Jul 2008

A quick garden break

My next post involves a bit more research than I first thought, Lambs and Bananas in fact.
Olga got up to all sorts as usual. she is quite the handful. The post should appear a bit later on today when I have got all the information I need.
What is this flower?


  1. i think it is a petunia.

    smiles, bee

  2. Here in the states they're called Million Bells - it's a relatively new variety of petunia.
    Bred for it's smaller flowers, multitudes of blossoms, vigor, and easily bred into many colors.
    Great color in yours!
    I have some red and purple in a window box with geraniums in front of my store.

  3. I'm glad someone answered your question there. I thought it looked like a petunia but have never seen them in that particular coloring. Never had heard of the name "million belles" either but the colors are very pretty. I'll have to ask the folks who have a nursery near here if they might consider offering some of these perhaps next spring, when the planting season begins again here.

  4. Looks like a petunia. Very interesting colours...I like it.

  5. It's a Reddusandyellowus Plantium that needs dead heading ........ no need to thank me ...... no really

  6. It's definitely not a petunia.

    There. That should confuse you.

  7. The blossom reminds me of Four o'clocks...but the leaves are NOT 4 o'clock...they look like petunias too. [leaves AND blossom]

    My Green Thumb is posted. Scroll down on today's entry. Hope you can find time to drop in for a visit.

  8. You are telling me she is a handful tee hee

  9. @Bee, thanks it looks like you are right :)

    @Mo, you are a floral fountain of knowledge! I am going to have to find that box of labels. I have put them somewhere safe.

    @Jeni, I am glad someone answered me too. They are lovely colours indeed and look great in the planters. Also nothing has munched on them, so they seem quite hardy.

    @Drowsey, I thought they were interesting too, more like tropical colouring.

    @Daddy Papersurfer, I certainly wont thank you for that :) ha!

    @Mark, you always confuse me.

    @Hootin, I have no idea what 4oclocks are, I will have to google them :)

    @ladybanana, Did you look at my flickr site, cheat! :)

    @70's, a big handful indeed :)

  10. It is pretty, but of course I have no idea what it is. I do love the color.

  11. Kinda looks like a stripey, marbelized Rose of Sharon...

  12. @Jenn, another plant I will have to google :)

  13. One of my favorite things about Million Bells (altho I've not got any petunias this year) is they bloom almost continuously, with barely a need for deadheading.