4 Jul 2008

Smelling flowers with Olga

Smelling the flowers with Olga today, well she is watching while I do some gardening. I wouldn't dream of putting her to hard labour, unlike some folk.
In this shot of the dahlia you can see more evidence of the munchification. I know it wasn't that clear on the other photo, I just wanted to use the word munchification.


  1. Hey Claire, Love the new template design. Great looking macro ... perhaps you've a Doodle Bug in your garden munching the flowers?


  2. It still looks like the work of earwigs to me, especially if it happens at night.
    The munchification I mean.

    Unless you have actual munchkins over there...

  3. w00t! I love the new header and the rest of the new look too. :)

  4. I too am being drawn to the word "munchification" - there is a certain sexiness to it that intrigues me.......

  5. @Dale, Thanks dale :)
    I think its going to be inspiration for Doodle Bug day :)

    @Mo, I have not seen the earwigs yet, but we do have them, as well as big fat slugs.

    Not sure about the munchkins.

    @timethief, Glad you like it, I most certainly do :)

    @petra, I am drawn too the word, but not sure about the sexiness :) Unless you mean .....??


  6. I do hope you realise what Olga and Willy were up to whilst you were gardening and taking lovely photos ???

    [she has learned a new word.....]

  7. by munchification being sexy I am referring to when a man ____ ____ on me resulting in an _______ and ____ _______ __________.

    See? THAT is sexy!

  8. Petra speaks in blank verse apparently ...... anyway, I was going to alert you to Olga's behaviour but 70's got there first ...... so I won't bother .......

  9. very beautiful flower. nice to learn the name.

  10. What a beautiful dahlia. I had a dahlia once. It was black though. Somebody cut it up. Probably that vulgar-mouthed Petra woman. The man-munched one. Not husband, mind you. "A Man." But, never mind her. How are YOU today, Claire? Olga, Willy, Claire. A winning combination.

  11. @70s, Its shocking what that bra gets up when your back is turned!

    @Petra, Okay I agree if the missing words are what I think they are :)

    @Daddy Papersrfer, she is a blanker :)

    @Bingskee, Its a Dahlia that's all I know :)

    @Lana, Cheers and sorry I haven't commented on your site for a while!

    @Rachel, aww thanks :)

    @Relax Max, Wasn't there a film about that? The black dahlia I mean. I am fine but knackered :)