3 Jul 2008

Meet my special guest!

Have you heard of the infamous Olga?
A Bra with sometimes loose morals that is travelling the globe. No? check out her home page for more info. Olga, the Traveling Bra
She arrived yesterday in an emotionally disturbed state, boy was she ill treated at her last stop. Forced into hard labour and in the end had to seek refuge with a dashing llama. No wonder he is called the Old Git, check out the link to see what he did to her.
Olga's mood was not brightened by the fact that she was rather viciously shoved through the letterbox and left hanging neither in nor out. Let's just say she wasn't the happiest bra in the world when released from her rather crude transportation method. Luckily she had a rather ardent fan in the form of Willy (the non sex toy) waiting for her and he seemed to cheer her up.
I must say that Olga smells rather nice, not that I make a habit of sniffing bras. So at least the Old Git cleaned her up nice, or was that washing away something sinister?
Not sure what our plans are yet, but I will keep you abreast of them.
Claire, Olga and Willy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hey Olga, so you're finally with Claire then, all I can say is be on your guard and if you want to take refuge with me, you're very welcome. Bring Willy (if you pardon the expression.)

  2. Stop posting so much, you bafoon. :)

  3. Olga and Willy, TOGETHER?

    Are you mad, woman? Don't you realise what horrors you may have unleashed?

    I hope you all have a charming time, mind you.

  4. I am tingling with anticipation...

  5. o my I so out of touch with this story... I will explore... have a good night

  6. Hurrah, Olga made it! She must be feeling much perkier now that she's gone from that slavedriver Daddy P. Willy must be so chuffed to have a new playmate.

  7. OMG ... so glad Olga made it! She's visiting me in September... Yay!

    I know about her last trip ... that daddyP ... he had her lugging around dirt!!! Shocking.

    Hope she gets some rest at your place :)

    Altho I'm not sure about the way Willy is looking at her. Makes me a bit nervous, especially after seeing that suspicious llama photo.

    Hey ... is that a pull string or something on willey? Does he talk? Or vibrate? Goodness.

  8. I'll be interested to see what comes from this!

  9. Why do I suddenly have the urge to go hang out at Fredericks of Hollywood and sniff lingerie ;)

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately darlin but I love the blog overhaul, you've done an exelent job.

  10. P.S.
    Are ya gonna get Gravatars for your comments? just wonderin.

  11. Wait, is it bad to sniff bras? I hate to admit, I hate getting glitter on my nose.

  12. You sure changed your blog look. It's great Claire. Thought I was on some other blog and had to check the title. :)

    Good luck with Olga. She seems pretty racey.

  13. WILLY!!!! I have SOooOOOOoooo been looking forward to meeting WILLY!!!!

    Oh, and you too Claire! ;)


  14. phew... so glad the gal got back up Norff ok.... I rue the day I sent her down Souff to the Old Git.
    Hey ho onwards and upwards
    Hope you 3 have a super time :-)

  15. Olga's blog-mistress here....I am having internet difficulties here on my vacation...please tell Olga I am not ignoring her...will be back home with reliable internet July 5th. (Hi Willy!)

  16. I'm glad she's arrived safe and sound . Gertrude sends his love and says 'What a tiny Willy!!!!!' - it must be a llama thing I suppose ......

  17. Blog looks great! Say hi to Olga & Willy - I'm sure she'll have a great time visiting you... Looks like Willy's quite able to show her a good time too!

  18. @Alison, I should be on guard from her! she may try smother me in the night and run off with willy. I will tell police you would harbour a fugitive!

    @Relax Max, You don't want to read about Olga? shame on you.

    @Lord Likely, I think I can handle it, also all the players aren't in the game yet :)

    @Dead Rooster, The future posts may prove to be too much for you.

    @Callie Ann, You definitely need to get writing,I think you are an Olga fan in the waiting :)

    @Redbeard, Yes she is definitely happy to be away from the horrors of Daddy P. Willy is most definitely chuffed and your showing off your britspeak skills again :)

    @Drowsey, Yes she made it! She was not happy about the letter box incident but most relieved to see me. Willy is a NON sex toy, but erm yes that is a pull string and he does vibrate only in excitement though. As seen in this video Willy Video. I wonder what you are going to do with Olga?

    @Crazy working Tish, So would I! As I haven't got a clue :)

    @TrukinBoobman, I don't think your only one with the urge to sniff bras :)

    Your a pretty regular reader anyway, better than me :)

    Not sure about the gravatars yet, I love them but I have only just started using this new blogger comment box and don't want to have issues again :)

    @.45, Its not bad at all, as I have discovered :) You have sniffing glittery bras? That sounds itchy.

    @Laura, I love the new look, its sooo much better than the old one! I think I will need some luck keeping Olga in check.

    @Olga, How did you get on the computer? Did you log on when I was asleeep? sneaky. I have been looking forward to getting my hands on you for a long time :)

    @Olga's Mistress, She is my bra now! Mwhahahahahaha.

    @Daddy Papersurfer aka Old Git aka Slave Driver, Gertrude would not say that, Willy is a friend of the Lllamas.

    @Stine, Aww thanks! They say hi Back :) I am not sure what Willy is capable of, but I am sure Olga will bring out the best or worst in him :)

  19. Gertrude did say that actually ........

  20. @Daddy Papersurfer, I am currently researching Llama penis sizes and have come up with some interesting results. Get your tape measure at the ready, Willy is going to come out on top! With Olga as the happy cheerleader.

    In the words of Lord Likely


  21. Oh! The last I'd read Olga was lost!
    Glad you have her now, I know you're going to take good care of her!

  22. Just watched the video ... LOL. I love Willey even more now :)

  23. Personally, I don't get the whole glitter on breasts thing. It's not like breasts need anything extra to get my attention. “I'm so glad you put glitter. I totally would've missed those otherwise.”

  24. Ok. Great. We'll be waiting. I will tell you a joke about a bra sniffer one day. Oddly, there is a llama character in the joke. What are the odds?

    I wish you could post more often, but I understand how busy you are.

  25. great blog!!

  26. @Mo, yes she is safe with me for now :)

    @Drowsey, Ha! welcome to the weird world of my family :)

    @.45, Glitter is not good, it gets everywhere. A nice shimmer powder is what I prefer :)

    @Relax Max, I will look forward to that joke :) I am trying to post as often as I can to keep the masses amused :)

    @quiane, Thanks for the visit :)

  27. what! olga got lost??? well she is safe with you, right?

  28. @Jafa, Yes the last place she was staying, she got lost! But in turned out she was so ill treated that she ran off and sought solitude with a Llama!

    Of course she is safe with me.......


  29. Really, no extra pizazz is required. They're awesome as is, a perfect design of nature.

  30. @.45, okay no extra pizazz :)

    Wait a minute, have you seen them ? heh.

  31. Yes, I've seen a few.

  32. @.45, Of that I have no doubt :)