11 Jul 2008

Voodoo Willy

How did Willy end up getting the upper hand? Did Olga sober up in time?
You will have to watch the video to find out!

Evil Willy is a safe willy for now!

Stay Tuned!


  1. Woo-Hoo!!! Olga and Willy PREVAIL! (Thank you for not catching me on fire!!!)

  2. lmao ... Okay, this kinda makes he video I have on my blog today with vincent seem ... normal! AHAHAHAHAHA! Whew, for a while there I was worried about myself, but you've normalized the playing field.

    Yay Olga :) (never knew she was a flying bra, as well as a travelling bra.)

  3. The video won't play for me. Buggered... I mean buffered itself awhile and then just sat there and didn't move.

  4. OH my god. that is hilarious... LOL Bwahahahahah

  5. I believe that you are Charles Dickens risen from the grave ..... my breath is bated, my cliff is well hung, I can't wait to see what happens next, I can think of nothing else ........ oooo, I can see a butterfly flying past my window ....... byeeeeee

    [Olga and that flame!!!! - I almost fainted]

  6. LOL Claire .... you are certainly getting Olga into a few scrapes... that video is priceless

    Can't wait for the next episode.... do you think it could strip Coronation Street of its ratings ???

  7. You?!? DaddyP - I saw my life pass before my eyes! (But then I remembered you still have my eyes!) :)

  8. OMG, Claire this is priceless!!!

    I think you're having WAY too much fun with this. Heh heh heh

  9. I'm imagining the amount of time it took you to create these scenes with such atmosphere...

    And to think you told me I was nuts with my Marshmallow Peeps "The Great Escape" post!

  10. So, you've resorted to witchcraft. Nice. :)

  11. Love it! You go, Olga and Willy!

    And marvelous camera work by Claire. Great work capturing the action as it happened. I'm sure things were happening fast, so that took skill.

    Can't wait to see the next installment.

  12. Olga better be careful! Evil Willy can't be a good influence. Have a great weekend Red. :)

  13. claire, you are talented, as well as much loved by all!

  14. In all my ** years, I never knew that Willies could have soooooo much fun ....... I think I might rewind a tad ........

  15. DP is that allowed? or is that humanly possible? Do you have that secret? So many questions that I know could never be answered from 'some' [because he has forgotten the first Q] ;-)

  16. holy toledo Olga is a tramp and Willy likes it! The pervs.....or is the perv Claire????

  17. Tramp?!? Moi?!?!? I risked my LIFE and was nearly burnt to a crisp saving poor Willy from becoming SOUP!

  18. I have been watching some excellent videos this morning. Just watched the one at Drowsy Monkey's blog and now this. Superb! Olga really risked her life to save Willy. Good Work Olga and as of now the Good has won over Evil.I can't wait to watch the next

  19. Oh my word. What a wonderfully wicked girl you are!

  20. @Olga, You catching on fire was nothing to do with me, its you that is flying!

    @Drowsey, I normalized things? hahahahahaha :)

    @Laura, oh noes! try it again :)

    @Callie Ann, will your underwear fly in September?

    @Daddy Papersurfer, what a most excellent comparision and Olga likes to live dangerously :)

    @7osteens, I am glad you are liking Olga's adventures, I think Evil Willy has brought out the worst in everyone including me!

    Coronation street has nothing on Olga :)

    @Olga, you did it! not me :)

    @Crazy working mom, I am just documenting the fun, its all Olga :)

    @Odat, :)

    @Jenn, clearly it wasn't me, it was Olga. As if I would spend my time creating all this! :)

    @DeadCock, Voodoo man, its Voodoo and watch out for pins :)

    @Haley, filming this was certainly a strange site to behold, if only I knew what the next instalment is going to be,

    @Sandee, I have no idea any more who exactly the bad influence is :)

    @ettarose, what a lovely thing to say :) you meant mad didn't you? :)

    @Daddy P, You haven't lived then, if you came up north you would definitely have fun :)

    @70steens, poor Daddy P only finding out now that Willy's could have so much fun :)

    @Petra, me a perv? never! (okay just a bit)

    @Olga, Come on now, I know you had ulterior motives for saving Willy.

    @scratchbags, I think Olga is up to something, I just don't know what! :)

    @Amazing Gracie, lol yep that sums me up :)

  21. @Meleah Rebbecah, I am being pretty nice to her :)