13 Jul 2008

Weekend Round Up

Its been a busy weekend and I am bloody knackered!
  • Friday night I went to watch a rugby league match, it was my home town playing and they won! Plus some phwoarrrrrrrrrr looking players, I don't think my cousin Matthew was impressed by my drooling. Its not like I pretended to take photo's of him, whilst really trying to get photos of the rugby players.....

  • Saturday night was a toy party with my college chums, it was really funny. Michelle and Linz really took to Olga. well they are the only ones that truly understand my genius (madness). Although I didn't exactly have to twist their arms to take photos of them with Olga.

  • Today I watched the cousin play American Football, they won! I have been to watch Matthew play a few times now and its fun. Not sure I like it as much as rugby, but there are some phwoaarrrrrr players there too! All in all much fun for me.
Olga has been rather subdued, I think the voodoo mischief has took it out of her and she refuses to tell me where Evil Willy is. She insists he is 'safe', whatever that means. Either that or she is still pissed off that I didn't take her too the rugby match on Friday or American football match today.

Other news
Video promotion for my blog, here:

This was brought to my attention by Polybore, who is showing mine and other peoples videos off on his other blog vidiblogs. Why not give it a whirl yourself?

Guess what?


  1. Holy Crap! I am a butt-bra now!?!?! Lord almighty...

  2. Well, isn't that nice that some of your best photos are in a vid now. Cool!

    Doodle week...I have my first one done.

  3. Ohhh...that butt bra, LOL.

    I like that video ... very classy. Even willy looks classy, lol.

    Okay, dooooodle! Very exciting.

  4. I'm likin' the vid!! Awesome!

  5. PS: I love your video!
    PSS: I'm not pissed at you.
    PSSS: But...I thought YOU knew where Evil Willy was.
    PSSSS: OMG! Is Evil Willy on the loose?!?

  6. Very nice video! I'm totally impressed. :)

  7. Super video! That was really excellent!!!
    Must be nice to be talented, sigh...

  8. So busy ..... I'm exhausted at the thought. I know soooooo many people who are in need of a 'butt' bra ...... do they come in XXXXXXXL? ... and can they handle ferrets?

    Yay, Doodle Week! ...... what do I do? - tee hee

  9. OMG Evil Willy has gone AWOL?? Do you know what this means???

  10. btw Fab post and even fabbier video Claire :-)

  11. that is AWESOME! and I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE your new header!