3 Aug 2008

Farewell Olga!

Alas the strapping gal known as Olga has legged it! This time she has gone for good (unless she comes back next year) and is off to her next victim/host. Fingers crossed she gets there safely and doesn't end up in prison, its not like I would plant drugs or clam porn on her.
I connected with her via a psychic link and produced this video, which includes strong imagery of my last hours with her and a few memories from the last few weeks.

(There are some interesting sounds in this video)
(In some of the photos I may be drunk)
(Its not me vomiting)

I hadn't realised just how long Olga had been here with me and how much she has been up to, until today when I looked through all the posts. I have had loads of fun and having Olga about definitely gets you off your arse. I have been pulled up a few times for calling Olga a 'she' instead of an 'It' or even just a 'bra'. I know its hard to describe the phenomena that is Olga, but just go with it. It has been a delight having Olga with me and I would like to point out that behind every great bra is a great mistress.

If you have missed any Olga posts click the link and have a read! You will be amused.
Olga's time with Claire

Don't forget that Olga has her own blog, so make sure you keep up with her adventures!
You never know whose blog she will turn up on next.
Olga the travelling bra


  1. I for one am convinced that is Claire vomiting, hic-cuping, choking, and then repeating......

    but that's just me. Jolly good show Clairebear!

  2. Did I hear a little teeensy weensy voice say "hello? this is claire?"
    I DID I DID!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!

    Thanks for everything Claire! It was an experience I will absobloodyfuckinglutely NEVER forget! xoxoxox

  3. So where did she go?

  4.'ll just have to check my blog & find out! :)

    Hey Claire - I'm thinking that top photo needs to be my new calling card! ;) Whaddaya think?

  5. I for one, have a tear in my eye ..... [I wish you'd turned the mike off when you were having a pee though ........ sheeeeesh]

  6. I missed a lot of the Olga visit having been sunning myself on a Greek Island for the past two weeks. What you gonna do now?

  7. Awww I will be sad that Olga is leaving you and jolly old England, it's been a spectacular month!

  8. You did a great job with Olga, and the vids are awesome as well. No one can top what you've done here. :)

  9. That tribute could only be considered a cinematic triumph of near epic proportions. It ran the entire gamut of human emotion in a little over 2 minutes.

  10. Olga and Claire need their own reality TV show!

  11. Fantastic video, Claire (and Olga)!

  12. Great tribute for the time you gals hoked up.. an experience neither of you will forget in a long while... look forward to Olga visiting us gals oop Norff again ;-)

  13. Such good times...we'll all miss your adventures!

  14. Adios Olga & Claire you have AMAZING EYES absolutly beautiful. Sorry I know you don't care for compliments but it had to be said. :)

  15. Clur! LOL

    OMG ... I can't believe you wore Olga! Is that allowed? lol I'm sure she wouldn't fit me and I don't mean that in a good way, either.

    What a fantastic video! :) Can't wait til I see her in September....(that's a song too).

  16. Drowsey...what's a clur?

    Heck yes you're "allowed" to wear me! But only for a photo op...and not under your clothes...I'm claustrophobic.

    xoxoxo Claire! I'm missing you already!!!

  17. That is correct "No Sleeping in the same room"... I am into Sex and stripping in the night"... Wild things happen! You better bring a body guard... LOL

  18. @Petra, It was not me making those noises, I couldn't tape myself and puke at the same time :) Glad you liked the show :)

    @Olga, you did! :)

    @Raymond, see Olga's answer :)

    @Olga, good answer.
    Of course you can use that picture, my boobs+you = winning combination! :)

    @Daddy P, that was Olga peeing not me! hehe :)
    To think that mad bra brought us together, haha!

    @Akelamalu, you should of kept up on holiday, sheesh sunning yourself instead! No idea what I am going to do now, probably catch up on all my ruddy coursework.

    @Redbeard76, Thanks for your support, in a non lingerie way :)

    @Chica, aww thanks chickadee! I hope I have set the bar high :)

    @Da Old Man, you too naive to see the unedited version, I mean who would want to see nekkidness.

    @Regretful Morning, Alas Olga has gone onto her next victim, I would watch Jason and the jockstrap though :)

    @Melissa, hey! thanks for commenting :) Glad you liked the video :)

    @70steen, and because of her I got to meet you! Oop Norf rules! :)

    @crazy working mom, I will miss them too, what now? lol.

    @Trukindog, Aww thanks I am not averse to compliments :)

    @Drowsey, that is exactly how everyone says my name over here :)

    Who says its me wearing her? Oh the pictures ahahaha! I was drunk :)

    September is my favourite Earth, Wind and Fire track :)

    @Olga, Clur is how my say my name Ooop Norff. Missing you too!

    @Callie Ann, LMFAO :)

  19. That was a fantastic video, except for all the hurling. Loved the Myspace-esque pics of you wearing the bra on your face. It also had just what this blog needs, more yummy cleavage!!! :)

  20. Claire.....well done on your voice recording ...I am very proud of you x as you must have been with my and the bee ha ha x