2 Aug 2008

Its Drowsey Day

Feel sleepy? Off your food? Confused? Then you may be suffering from Drowsey. Are you wondering why I am spelling Drowsey with an e? Read on.

An ode to Drowsey

She may think that everything looks like a ruddy chicken,
She may not get the movie reference 'Frickin'.
I wonder if her food is finger lickin?

She is more confused than a budgie drunk on baileys.
But she reads our blogs like they are the most popular dailies.
She has a doll, but did you know she lost the bloody monkey!
I don't know whether she smells a little bit funky?

She has a gigantic head (she said it).
Also has an unnatural love of all things widget.
She believes in cheesus,
But probably doesn't know Bevis.

She pretends that she is ever so nice.
But I think she likes a bit of spice.
When it comes down to a bloke called Vincent,
She would like to do things that are positively Indecent.

What about the time she tried to poison her mother.
I wouldn't be surprised if she married her own brother!
I think she is really an alien from Outer Space.
Why else would she cover half her face?

I may not know if this is an Ode or a Limerick?
But who gives a shit, I know she loves a gimmick.
What I do know, is that Drowsey,
You are most definitely NOT lousy!

Welcome to world of Drowsey! 

Congradubloodylations on lasting a year without your head exploding.
(Olga made me do it).


  1. Fantabulous ode to Drowsey! :) You both ROCK!

  2. OMG! LMAO.... I'm laughing ... and crying. You're so talented! Is that doodle a chicken? NO!

    Thank you! That was too funny :) And sweet! :)

    Like what you said about Vincent, ;0

  3. HAHAHHAHAHAHA! Drowsey...a CHICKEN?!?!? Dear God!!! Great job Claire!! She's CONFUSED!!!!

  4. Oh, what a lovely ode, tribute, thingy. I don't pretend to understand, but that doesn't stop me loving it!

  5. Your talents never cease to amaze me, Claire! :)

  6. And you Claire, are just a wee bit crazy! Glad that some things in the universe don't change and that you are one of them!

  7. I'd tap that shit.

  8. Ha Ha! That's great! Poor Drowsey, must be so overwhelmed by all this attention ;O)

  9. Ah, it's like a Shakespearean sonnet... Only without a sonnet's rhyme and meter and an unusual amount of Vincent D'Onofrio and Cheesus in it. :)

  10. Nice Ode-rick! You've captured the essence of Drowsey perfectly!

  11. Your ode brought me to tears. I'm moved.

    Yes, I'm definately having a movement.

  12. great ode 2 Drowsey ... you is one barking mad chick (Claire not Drowsey .... but there again??????? mmm????)

  13. I can hear the beat box in the background as I read your words! COOL!

  14. That's IT! The years up...and her head DID explode! Darn it! I HATE it when that happens!

  15. Your funny Toad,
    and comical Code,
    is a outstanding Ode,
    to Drowsey! :~)))

  16. Roses are Red

    Violets are blue

    I lika Drowsey ...

    and chicken too

  17. Thanks to everyone for making Drowsey Day so much fun, the ode was easy almost like a pun!

    To drowsey,you are the easiest person to write daft stuff about ever :)