22 Aug 2008

Friday Thingamabobs 3 - Mardy edition.

Read the definition of Mardy before proceeding as it sums up my current mood.
I will be using it as an excuse for bad language.
Hello my must be bored by now readers, lurkers and occasional pervert google searchers. This is the least amount of posting I have done, whilst having a fully functioning internet connection, ever. Thank fuck for Friday Thingamabobs, its means there should always be a post at least once a week. Today I also feel like swearing a lot, so I have used naughty words because I can't be arsed using gosh, darn, heck or flower. In fact I feel positively insulting, without further ado get reading:

"You obnoxious clump of constipated nasal hairs!"

 What was I doing a YEAR AGO today on this blog?
I had just arrived back from my awesometriffic trip to Italy, which I cant quite believe was a year ago already. On one hand it feels like an eternity ago and on the other it seems like yesterday. Although to be fair it only seems like yesterday because I just looked at all the pictures, before that it was feeling like an eternity ago.
So here is photo and another and another.When I got back from Italy the next day I was off again, this time I was going off to be lowered down this big gaping hole.

What have I done this week?
You may as well get some cheese to go with this whine, I did say I was feeling mardy afterall.
I just feel like I am pissing in the wind when it comes to college work at the moment. I have made some progress with my trip planning, so thats a start anyways.

What will I be doing?
I am off to Glasgow tomorrow to watch my cousin play American Football. Yes I am going to Scotland to watch American Football being played. I am also meeting up with the younger sister Heather, so fun should be had. I will be back on Monday.
I need to think about Doodle Week but time is slipping away from me fast! shit, fuck and buggers!Its starts on Monday!

Who should you be doing?
This is the place where I send you to awesometriffic finds that live in my google feed reader.It also serves as proof that I do read the posts in there.

1. Read up on the Top Ten Online Psychology Experiments here. These have definitely given me some food for thought and are well worth a squidge at.I will be using some of them in future posts, if I ever catch up on all my other future posts that is.
2. The Birds in the Meadow, is a delight to behold! From pigs to mountains, you will love this blog. Well I do anyways, because it sums up what I love about the countryside that surrounds me and is a reminder that the weather isn't always pants!
3. Drowsey is in the habit of posting filth and debauchery lately, read her latest if you don't believe me: Smiley Sex!She is one dirty bird.
4.Chica the awesometriffic gal that designed this blog skin for me has finally set up a design site, where you can purchase her awesometriffic skills or just get inspired to do something more creative with your own blog. I seriously give this gal 3 three thumbs up, check her out here: Design Bug. The prices are really reasonable and the quality of work is awesome. Let your blog be shit no more!
5. I have feelings of hate, wrapped in a ball of jealousy when I peruse Jenn's blog Of Cabbages and King. She doesn't just make with the funny, she turns every tale into a wonderful story and for that I hates her.Its also the reason why I will probably keep on mentioning her stories in this section of my blog. I predict that you will enjoy this tale Cracking the Fortune Cookie.

There are always too many great posts to mention when it comes to this part of the post, so its hard cheese and tough shit to those that didn't make it this week. 

Thanks for reading
You steaming chunk of vapid baboon arses!
(I loves you really in a nevermetyounonsexualkindaway)


  1. I read the definition of "mardy" and I still don't know what it means. I need to invent some confusing regional dialect so I too can be mysterious.

  2. Jason's such a mardy. He's to mardy to look into the Mardy Mirror.

  3. Well, Claire I guess this means your in a Fuckin' Mardy Mood... now aren'tcha.... Say it with that English accent of yours... I love it!!!! 21 days tell I see ya... Now have a good night and Fuck off tomorrow at the Game!

  4. yay! I've learned a new word. Sorry it's at your expense! ;)

  5. I agree, the birds in the meadow is a fabulous blog, he's even invited me to do karaoke with him in Totting Ham... erm I mean Tottenham - upon watching my spastic dance video.

    Thanks to Sheffield's Arctic Monkeys, Mardy has gone outside the East Midlands. Love it - not quite fitful as stroppy, but more moody than sulky. It's perfect.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Have fun Claire and tell Heather I said hello. :)

  8. Who you calling Vapid???? I might resemble the rest but I'm too busy trying to understand "mardy" to be sure.....

  9. Drowsey is a dirty bird.....LOL!!!!!!!
    Aw Claire....put a bra on your head & cheer up! (Which means go get drunk!)

  10. Ah, the peace and tranquillity of the countryside flows through your posts like a soothing balm......... I feel sooooo much better now .....

  11. I'm a dirty bird. Thanks for the mention ;)

  12. Ah, you may hates me now, but just think-- in about two weeks you can hates me in person! And then hates me AGAIN when you get to be a part of the Cabbages stories! HAHAHAHA-- did you think you would get off EASY and not be INCLUDED in the mayhem? Oh no. So hates all ya want, my friend. Your time is coming... soon. :)

    (Insert maniacal laughter here.)

    PS-- thanks muchly for the blog plug! :) :)

  13. Hmmm... I have never been called a steaming chunk of vapid baboon arse!! I think I am going to use that today.

  14. Aww dankers for the link love ya crusty nose hair on the back of a baboons arse. How it got there, is no one's business. :p

  15. I've been called worse than a baboon's arse.

    By the way, I loves you really in a nevermetyounonsexualkindaway too

  16. Vapid baboon ass might be the best put down ever in the history of the english language well done.

  17. Where else can you call people names and they not be upset. Hope you get out of your mardy soon and have a great weekend.

  18. I like the design of ur site ;) Drop to ur EC! Have a great day!

    World of Technology

  19. Oy oyyyyyy Claire! Never knew you were a subscriber *blush*, THANK YOU! I'm away for a while but looking forward to reading your American adventures when I come back :D, Oh, and shall we share the secret of my actual gender with Redbeard? Redbeard... I am a GOIL!

  20. Apologies for that Bird, it should have been fairly obvious. Forgive me for I am a little slow sometimes. ;)

  21. Oh crap! Only 1 more week until you're on your way to forever changing my life! (Can't wait!)