20 Aug 2008

Travel update

Shitty McShit its less than two weeks to till the great East Coast Adventure! The East Coast of America that is, not Norfolk and so forth . This is the trip I mentioned a couple of months ago in this post, Its a British Invasion. I have placed two big fuck off sized countdown widgets at the top and bottom of the blog, to remind myself that I really need to get things planned. You probably didn't need that pointing out, as they are rather large.

This trip is going to doubly splendiferous, because not only do I get to travel about for three weeks, I also get to meet lots of blogging chums! Ones that I have known since the time of  this blogs birth nearly two years ago, to relatively new blog chums that I have collected along the way.

Ponderings about trip.

1.Buy travel insurance, but which one? There are so many to chose from, I know I need a good policy, especially with the expense of American healthcare, should anything happen.
2.Cash or not to cash? The exchange rate keeps going up and down, I know I should get some currency before I travel, but not sure how much.
3.Pack, need suitcase, what is my baggage allowance?
4.Camera stuff, get an extra memory card here or there?
5. Passport, remember it, but I am not allowed to wear a bum bag to carry it.
6. Do they ask you were you staying etc, instead of visa stuff when you travel to the USA? I know I will be fingerprinted and digitally photograohed (grrr). Also there is now something called an ESTA.
7. I need some new clothes, buy them here or there?
8. Do I take Willy?
9. How to Persuade all the bloggers on my feed reader not to write anything during my trip, so I don't have shit loads to catch up on. Surely that's not that unreasonable? Take a break, you deserve it.
10. What about my mobile phone? I definitely need it but will I be hammered by charges?

The Trip
I have set up a trip tracker page, which I will update with more info and photographs when I can. The widget is on the side bar for now, but I will move it to a more prominent place once I am travelling. Check it out so you can see exactly where I am going and when I am going to be in those places. Offer recommendations of places to see if you have any, that would be cool.
See the trip tracker page  here.
If there is anyone else that wants to meet up, let me know! I don't want to get back home and get comments like 'Oh I was only ten minutes away', that would piss me off. By piss me off, I mean that it would be a great disappointment, I mean who wouldn't want to meet up with me?
(unless you are weird/loony/evil then I wouldn't want to meet up with you anyways, so there).

My blogging is going to very sporadic/shitty during the next few weeks.


  1. Well, Shitty McShit YES you should take Willy! And we want pictures of him too! :) And NO, you do not get out of blogging just because you're traveling...GEESH! Can you imagine if we ALL did that?!? (Or even just ME?!)

  2. I am so excited for you! About the memory card for your camera, one standard mem card can hold up to 340 pictures, so if you plan to take a lot, then buy about two or three, that should do ya. On everything else, I haven't a clue, but someone will! :)

  3. They finger print you? Sis travels to the US all the time, don't think she's been finger printed.

    And bum bags aren't allowed? Waaa???

    Only take willey if you don't mind if the airport security find him ... and look at you funny, lol.

    turn off your comments while your away...easy to do. Big meany.

    Can't wait to hear alllll about the travels! Look out USA!

  4. Wanted to leave a comment the minute I saw the photo - great photo!! Then I read (ok bit behind in my blog readings) that you are going on a trip. So am I!! But I'm coming to the UK in 3weeks for 3weeks then on to Tuscany for a week.
    Enjoy America!

  5. "My blogging is going to very sporadic/shitty during the next few weeks." Please note I am saying nubbin' - tee hee

    Have a loverly trip and teach them Yanks what crazy really means .......

  6. I like that Trip Tracker thing. I will have to actually take a trip somewhere so I can use it.

    You'll probably need a memory card just for the Adirondacks. The autumn colors should be in full swing about that time. :)

  7. So much to do and so little time! Get cracking!

  8. I don't envy the getting ready, but the trip should be fun. I haven't flown in a while, but I have a friend who ships her clothing to her destination via postal service...would that take too long?

  9. Is this your first time to America or have you been here before?

    I will be only a 3 hour drive from Boston or Albany. I would like to meet up but I don't know how possible that will be. Let me have a think and maybe something will come to me...

  10. YAY! I'm doing the countdown too!

  11. A little over two months till I'm off on vacation too and since it's the first vacation I'll have taken in over a decade I don't really have much info to help you with but I will say this: AA travel insurance were cheapest for us by miles. Baggage allowance may be weird for you if you're doing internal US flights in addition to international ones so look into what your US carriers allow in addition to however you're getting in and out of blighty but I did see that apparently your checked-in luggage must be unlocked when flying from the US. Eek! Note to me: do not fly from the US.

  12. Right now, the dollar is weaker than the Euro, so stuff is cheaper here. I'm sure you'll have a good time.
    You'll be in Lancaster County, which is a pretty unusual place. They refer to everyone they don't like as "The English," which is kind of funny.
    But the food is really great.

  13. I'm sure we will read about you in the news. Just saying. Have fun Red. :)

  14. #9 - Oooh, girl, you WILL have a lot of shit to catch up on when you get back! I will do my best to not do much writing during that time.

  15. First off - love the clouds but I think you probably knew that I would!

    Not sure on all those other questions but as far as Willy goes, I somehow get the feeling you'll bring the little bugger whether we tell you to or not! I'm sure that photographic opportunities will abound once you get him here to the Colonies!

    I think it's quite cool that you are going to have a trip ticker. That way I'll know when you're at my house!

  16. First up, enjoy your trip.

    Two suggestions

    1. Sort out the mobile phone thing now. Threaten to leave the network if they hit you with big charges and will publicly piss all over them (via blog) if they give you any shit.

    2. Get an anti-mugger pouch for your passport. They connect to your belt via a loop and can be invisibly tucked into your trousers or dress. This means muggers / thieves can't see it, and they're not as uncomfortable as that might sound.

    I always travel with gold bullion, so can't help regarding exchange rates.

  17. @Olga, the Traveling Bra, Holy McFuckwit I knew that you would vote for Willy coming along. Thankfully I am staying with bloggers, that means computer time! So there will be some blogging (If they trust me to use their computers).

    @Chica, I wish I was in your neck of the woods, maybe next time! My current memory card holds 600+ but thats how many photos I took on my 5 day trip to Italy, so I think another is in order at least.

    @Drowsey Monkey, that's what the foreign travel info site told me, even in they don't usually, I will probably be picked! heh. If Willy comes then it will be in the suitcase, imagine what he will look like on the scanner.

    I am not a big meany.

    They don't even have bum bags they have fanny packs.

    @SilverSpikes, Aw thanks, its my first whirl at sky photography. Where in the UK will you be? Did you read my Italy posts from last year?

    @Daddy Papersurfer, you have restrained yourself quite admirably :)

    @Kelly, Its okay I will update your exact location on google maps, so everyone can see where you live :) After I have left of course.

    @Akelamalu, great cracking is exactly what I need to do!

    @Shelly Kneupper Tucker, you travel all the about the show, so its probably fun for you. I wouldn't post my clothes as I am not staying in the same place for very long and hopefully I wont be taking that much, just wondering if I will have room for gifts on the way home.

    @Redbeard76, yep first ever trip to America and first long haul trip anywhere. Get your thinking cap on!

    @Jenn Thorson, WOO HOOO * 1OOOO = WOO HOOILLION.

    @huey mei, Glad you liked it, well not really.

    @Mark, Did you just use the word vacation? hehe. Your vacation is extra special though aint it? Thanks for AA tip, they are looking good so far. I am travelling about by coach or train once in the USA. Do you still lock your luggage?

    @Da Old Man, Gosh you make it sound like I am taking advantage of your economic crisis, which would be correct. I have a few special words saved up for people that irritate me whilst on my trip :)

    @Sandee (Comedy +), your not the first person to say that. I am not that bad.......

    @Monique, I appreciate your efforts, now I need to persuade another 100+ to do the same :)

    @Linda, I was actually thinking of your photos when I took it :)
    I know you want to see Willy anyways...
    Like I said to Kelly I will add your exact location to my trip tracker, then you could get all sorts of exciting characters knowing exactly where you live. See how thoughtful I am :)

    @Chris, Excellent advice about the mobile phone, I will threaten them with my vast readership.

    I was taking the piss about the bum bag, I just threatened those that I am staying with that I would wear one. Now I am destined to get mugged, cheers for that bit of paranoia, heh. Thanks for perusing this post.

    PS, me thinks you are talking bollocks about the bullion.


  18. oh pre holiday anx ! don't you just love the pack, un pack & pack again routine... mmm just must double/quadruple check I have all that should have or maybe I have too much??

    Willy must go with you .. he would be fretting if left at home (at least he can go on a trip unlike Evil Willy who is languishing 'somewhere')

    It is a 2 for 1 as far as the dollar is concerned so you are heading in the right direction .. fill your boots gal :-)

  19. Love the pre-trip countdown. It gives Homeland Security plenty of heads-up notice that you're coming. :P

    And you've got to bring Willy. Isn't he your official stand-in for snap-shots?

    Still bumming that you're only visiting the East Coast this time. I know, I know, I could get my own arse to the East Coast, too. Seems simple in theory, but then that reality thing comes into play.

    I'm looking forward to reading the trip coverage.

  20. Wow. That's a lot of questions. I hope some of your friends know the answers. I sure don't. Except that when you go through customs, you should know that they all take bribes, and a little folding money slipped discretely into the agent's shirt pocket is sort of expected. You can use Willy to get the conversation started. I recommend you just wink at the agent several times in succession and ask, "How much, mate?" each time you wink. It is much easier than you would think, actually. Ummmm...would you enjoy being strip-searched, I wonder? Yeah, probably. I've come to find you much more dark and perverted than most of your readers realize. I guess that's why I keep coming back. That and to stare at the legs in your header graphic. How strange to be in the same country with you! ::shudders:: But very far apart, still. As you know, I misread your travel schedule and went to Boston to see you last month. I waited and waited but you never showed. I take that as a sign from God that we aren't ever destined to meet, don't you? Just to double-test that theory, I will be in Phoenix while you are here. I will wait for you at a place only I know about. If you don't show again, then that will confirm my theory. The reason this comment is so long is because usually you just put up pictures of flowers, so I am taking advantage of my actually having something to say this time. Plus, I probably won't comment again until you get back. So, there's that. It's okay if you just comment on one sentence at a time and spread it out over several days, too.

    Damn, but I wish the old wolf was going to get to see his favorite Little Red Riding Hood as she checks out the underbelly of the Home of the Brave. ::walks away slowly with his hands in his pockets, shaking his head::

  21. How about if I put the ball in your court - the best chances of meeting up would be in Albany or Boston, being the nearest. I don't want to crash any party you've got going on but there's a good chance I could make it down for one of those days.

  22. how exciting!!! do as much as possible, break a few laws, have fun for the rest of us, and try not to get thrown out of the country! ;)

  23. You are going to surprise me by coming to Arkansas while you're here aren't ya?! ;)

    I hope you all have so much fun. It'll be so great. I can't wait to see the pictures. YES, you should take Willy.

  24. I can't wait to see you Claire... Were gonna have a blast.. A whole week together. Damn girl sure hope you dont' get sick of me... Love ya Cal

  25. You and Willy with your blogger buddies - you know you're just asking for it! The photos will be a kick, I just know it. Maybe next time I'll be able to razz you face-to-face.
    Enjoy and find a Bail Bondsman before you leave the U.K. It might be a good idea to put it on your speed dial.

  26. Are Holy McFuckwit and Shitty McShit related? If so, I'd love to meet the rest of the clan! I love you crazy girl - you are too hilarious...and I just know you are going to have an absobloodyfuckinglutley FABULOUS trip!

  27. What's this??!! Linda, Mags, and yourself getting together, here in New England! And I'm finding this out just now! I can see where the love is for me, from Linda. Though she would of given me a heads up sooner, LOL.

    If you chickies end up going out for a few pints while in Norwich, or Rhode Island let me know. I'm not that far away, and Linda knows this wonderful American 9-1-1 dispatcher/bloke who's been across the pond himself...(wink, wink, sly nudge)

    Oh, and that's a negative on the fanny pack, I would suggest a purse or a backpack. NO, not the hiking type of backpack, you know, the kind that school kids use...LOL

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  29. Cash bring cash & yes get the travel insurance!

  30. It's like a big military exercise.

  31. Nice unfriendly hacker warning on ESTA's website.

    Buy a prepaid TracFone when you're here. It's cheaper, I would wager, than using yours.

    You don't need health insurance - nobody else buys it, why should you? ;-) Just don't have an accident.

  32. Sorry this is so untimely - just arrived in London and catching up on my feeds! A few thoughts...

    -Use your card for the best exchange rate. Take out enough cash to get you by on cabs and for little things.

    -Buy everything over there. You'll save lots of money in the long run.

    -Don't wear a bum bag, if not just for fashion reasons.

    -I don't know why everyone gets all bent out of shape about pickpockets. Exercise caution just as you would in London and you'll be fine. Make sure your bag has a zipper and that you keep it close at all times. I've never seen a need for any hidden pockets or anything like that.

    -Buy a pay-as-you-go phone for $20 at the drugstore

    That should do it!