29 Aug 2008

Friday Thingamabobs 4 - Chatting Shite edition.

Erm its Friday (Saturday) already! shite! For those that actually pay attention to reality, the fact that its Friday (Saturday) will not come as a shock to you. You will be happy to know that I am not in as shitty a mood as I was last week. Beer and sleep helped get me out of that funk, that and really great friends (yes you, not you, you!). Enough with all that flimflam and bollocks, on with the thingamabobs.
(shite is a variant of the word shit, very northern, pronounced shyyyyyte)

What was I doing a YEAR AGO today on this blog?
1.My brain was suffering from imminent implosion/explosion. Which has actually turned out to be the norm for me and not exactly imminent. I exaggreate, so what! You don't actually want me to implode/explode now do you? No need to answer that.
2.More tales from Italy, which is worrying because I was only there for five days and wrote shit loads. So god knows how much crap I am going to write after the East Coast Adventure.
3.Oh I also posted a photograph of the big hole I was lowered down into.

What I have done this week?
1.Watched the cousin play American Football, well watched men running around and touching each other a lot. 
2.Sent a 'stupid' email to airline company that I am flying with. It went something like this:
Hello I have clicked 'other' category because there is no 'stupid' category. Its my first long haul flight and I am getting a little nervous. Do I just show this 'number' and this 'number' to the check out person? Thanks ever so much. xxxxxxxxx <-----------------Okay no kisses.
It wasn't so stupid after all, because then I got a reply with a link to my eticket info! Which was lucky indeed, because I wouldn't of got on the plane with the 'number' I was going to show. Now I wonder if the over 12's ever get someone to look after them at the airport, just to make sure they get on the right plane?
3.Got insurance, I went with AA after several people gave them the nod, so if I end up stranded in America with huge medical bills because I bought the wrong policy, I will blame you lot!
4.Tried to enroll at college, but they didn't have the right codes yet. Luckily my tutor was there, so we had a nice chat and I will enrol for my 2nd and last year of my counselling diploma when I get back from my trip. Then I need to plan what to study next! Real job?pfffft. 
5.Doodled, doodled, doodled and doodled some more.

6.The Sky Man fiasco, which is the cable guy to you everywhere else but here, its the Sky Man because the main provider was/is SKY. Anyhoo lets back to the fiasco of the viewing card that never allows you to view or record the programs that you want. This is umpteenth time we have had to call them out, but the bloke today was extra special. After telling him what the problem was, he proceeded to change the box thing and reconnect the wires, simple! Then he had to spoil it with this:
Sky Man: Whats the number?
Me: For what?
Sky Man: 'The' number.
Me: I don't know what you mean?
Sky Man: The reason why I am here????????? Looking at me like I am a moron.
Me: You mean the problem with the viewing card? (said with extrme eyebrow furrowing, almost klingon like).
Sky Man: Yes that number.
Me: Righttttttttttttttttttt.
While Sky Man happily writes down the reason for a visit, I am left wondering how what I just said was a number? Would he of been overjoyed if I just said 42?

What will I be doing?
1.GOING ON HOLIDAY! WOOT, this bloody Tuesday coming!
2.More American Football on Sunday, I have become a groupie.
3.I need to print out my ticket info, that means getting ink for printer.
4.Pack, I predict this will done about an hour before I have to leave.
5. Other stuff that I cant think of right now.
6. More Doodling.

Who should you be doing?
Random stuff from my feed reader and the scary internets.
1.Doodle Week! Doodle damn it.
2.My archives getting your Claire fix while I am avoiding the law and creating mischief :)
3.NGIP I would prefer the goats wore knickers and not not panties, but thats just me. Read it, you will love it, if your not loving it already that is.
4.MoRe, because she has gigantic boobs, I mean she is great writer with crumbs down her top, lotion in her hair (it was lotion?) and she is awesome.
5.How much is your shite (poo)worth? tis very awesomely funny site thing  Poo Price.
6.Also Shitespace amused me.

Not sure when the next Friday Thingamabobs will be, as this time next week I will be in Philadelphia.


  1. and i just hibernated all week ...

    i'm envious

  2. Right then - sounds like you have a very busy week ahead of you!

    Oh, and you pack for trips like I do - last minute!!

  3. My kiddo lives in Philadelphia. Great city. You'll have fun and cheesesteaks.

  4. Anyone else notice that by the end of each Doodle Week, Doodle Claire's Doodle Breasts get mighty Doodlicious???

  5. I'm very impressed with your grasp of the word SHYTE (as a SHITE is another beast altogether) and am very happy your trip to the good ol USofA is so close! Not sure if we can handle you tho.....

    Anyhoo - GREAT doodling this past week. Sorry I could not partake of the festivities but things have been topsy turvy as of late.....

    Nest time for sure tho!

  6. ...just dropping in to say hi. It's been awhile.

  7. Gah, I bet your running around like a chicken without its head! Don't forget anything, that would just suck. I hope you have tons of fun, and I'm expecting the blogger friends you'll be meeting up with will make you blog at least twice a week! lol

  8. Tuesday is hours away! I bet you cant wait for Tuesday to come ey! hehe Anyway, have a great holiday! Dont forget to capture some interesting moments and sights to share with us!

  9. Hi Claire. Reading your countdown for 1 day and 22 hours and 4 minutes right now. My brother is leaving for the airport to go to the UK, London, in about 4 hours. You might be at the same airport tomorrow. :)

  10. You're going to America?! I hate that place.


    OK, seriously, I hope you have a fantabulous time. Did someone say you're off to Philadelphia? Tell the Liberty Bell I said hello.

    And thank you so much for the linky love! You're very kind.

  11. enjoy your trip to the States. Oh, how I wish I were closer to your vacation spot.

  12. Have a happy holiday Claire! BTW, tomorrow is my birthday, so we will both be having an exciting day. :) Try to stay out of trouble, ok? Oh never mind, have fun instead.

  13. Oh, stuff and poo! I've missed the latest Doodle week.

    MEH...oh, well...first order of business (well, ok, maybe second...) in setting up the new household will be fresh magic markers and drawing pads, so I shan't miss them in the future!

    Meanwhile, life will be a shade topsy-turvy around the time of your New England stay, but we should still plan a meet to go looking for pretty late-season poseys!!

    : )