1 Sept 2008

Erm well yeah.

Well I was going to do a lovely farewell chums I am bogging off on my holiday kinda post, but oops I haven't.

Follow my adventures here on Trip Tracker were you can see where I am every day, I will update it when I can.

I will also update my twitter when I can.


1. Junior is engaged! Junior aka Heather my younger sister is now engaged to Shrek erm I meant John.

2. Grandmas Birthday was on Sunday she is 21 again, which is weird because she looks way older that that.

3. Did you know I was going on holiday for three weeks round about now? hehe.

Later dudes, keep checking back as you never know when I will post, thank god I am staying with bloggers.


  1. Congrats to Junior.

    and LOL @ Grandma 21st birthday.

    I'll be following your updates on Twitter!


    Claire's coming to visit me. :)

  3. Don't do anything I wouldn't do! Which gives you LOTS of leeway! :)
    Just try not to get lost or arrested. I've done both - not fun. I DO HOPE YOU ARE TAKING WILLY!!!

  4. OMGadz! Hope you have an amazing time!! :D

  5. Um yeah, that's right ... you'll be with bloggers so no excuses about not checking in ;)

    HAVE FUN!!!!!

  6. On my last birthday I was 24 again... which made me 48. (get it? nevermind...)

  7. Have a lovely trip to the colonies, m'dear! And if you see my brother, Lightnin' Lance Likely out there, tell him he owes me forty pounds and a new pair of trousers.

    He'll know what I mean.

    Enjoy yourself!

  8. To think, you're somewhere over the Atlantic ocean right now as I type this...
    You and Hanna.
    Two forces of nature coming right for the East Coast. We Yanks may never be the same!

    Can't wait to give ya a big bear hug!

  9. Congratulations to Heather on her engagement and to granny on her 21st!

    Have a great time on your jolly hols. x

  10. Oh boy! It's another wedding for you to get dressed up for!
    We're starting a fund for you and Mags in case someone needs to raise bail...

  11. Three weeks without Claire...imagine the trouble we can get into. Er, I mean SHE can get into. She told me to shove my eraser before she left. The cheekiness of the broad!

  12. Congrats to Heather! :)

  13. Whoa, staying with... bloggers?
    Isn't that like a cardinal sin??
    I think you might be safer staying with ex-cons and serial killers rather than BLOGGERS. Don't do eet Claire don't do eet!

    p.s. I am Lightnin' Lance, tell Likely I still have his trousers but I owe him nothing. I had them cleaned and pressed after I had the "accident" in them... he'll know what I mean.