8 Aug 2008

Friday Thingamabobs

Welcome to Friday Thingamabobs
Its the 'was', 'am', 'will' and 'should be' round up of my blog. Why call it Friday Thingamabobs? Because its Friday and the Thingamabobs? Because when I sit down to write this post, I have no idea what I am going to write so it fits in nicely with the definition of Thingamabobs (or I just like the word).
Thingamabob - something unspecified whose name is either forgotten or not known
My reasoning behind such a post is too simply fit in all the things that I have done this week, have a look back at what I was doing last year or longer, make plans for next week and point out some other cool stuff folks are doing out there. Other fine folk do similar things, Jason does his year ago posts, Bobbie(boobie) roves around the blogosphere, Chica-x does friday favourite frinks thing for all things photography and Mark does his miscallaneous thing. I am going to try and make this a regular feature, because its nice to round up the week goneby and set goals for the one ahead.

What I was doing a year ago today on this blog.
1.Writing about this hike .
2.Posting this picture.
3.Getting sucked into Blog Catalog,
also joined and flickr, boy I was busy/bored that day.

What am I doing (today/this week)
Posting this collection of nephew filled photographs, they are the most awesometriffic little sods.
You can see them individually here on flickr: The nephews.
Jemma, my sister, took these photographs, I have just edited them a bit. Its one way of keeping connected to them whilst they are living in Germany. I found a great deal on the internet that let me order 70 prints for £1.50! woot.They should arrive tomorrow, so if they turn out to be a good company I will let you know and if you want I will send you the link to the site.
What else?
1.Bought a hoover, the old one died in mysterious circumstances.
2.New microwave arrived but turning thing doesn't turn.
3.Boiler quotes from plumbers, because the boiler has died.
4.Sorted debit card problems, some stupid internet banking error.
It turned out the stupid internet banking error was me! whadda ya mean thats a 6!
5.Planning trip, more plans from East Coast adventure, from planes to trains to Peter Pan buses.
6.Suffering P.O.D, Post Olga Depression.
7.Writing the post below about hating photographs, thanks for the wonderful comments!
You guys are really something special.

What I will be doing (near future)
1.More trip planning for East Coast adventure.
2.Assignments, lots an lots to do!
3.Taking over the world.
4.Dyeing my hair, not sure what colour I should go next.
It will still be in the red spectrum, but there are so many choices!
5.Updating Doodle Week blog.
6.Doing my round doodle for RaShell's wonderful competition.
7. A mumborg update.

Who you should be doing?
Well maybe not actually doing, but at least visiting their blogs.
Anything that happens after that is down to you and your own conscious.
1.Joe for his pus and missed photographic opportunity.
2.Jafabrit, her whole blog is full of wonderful artistic wonderment, but this post in particular. Sketchbook: Face of Abuse.
3.Greg and his wonderful garden! His latest post is a gorgeous as ever Flowery loveliness. Also he has so far managed to last 20 days without a fag! (cigarette) so that deserves a Huzzah!
4. Bradley, his latest talk talk talk post is great and I am trying to word a good enough answer for his post.
5. Miss funny pants herself Jenn for her latest spooktacular offering.

I could of listed a squllion more things.
How did you like my first Friday Thingamabobs?


  1. I must say that's an awful lot of links for one post! My goodness!

    I do like this new feature of yours, though, I think a weekly wrap-up is a great idea and I like the title, too. Then again I've always been partial to thingamabobs and whatchamacallits!

  2. @Linda it is a bit linky mad, but its the first one, so I doubt they will always be this linky.

    Also I have been seriously behind in blog visiting and commenting this week, so just wanted folks to know I hadn't forgotten them :)

  3. Thingamabob. I've always liked that word, so I heartily approve of the Friday Thingamabobs title. And a weekly roundup/brain dump is a tried-and-true blogging strategy.

    And now I have a new goal of writing a post of high enough quality to get a nod from Claire. Unfortunately, I have a small moratorium on blogging going on right now until I finish this Viking story.

  4. Great idea! I personally will probably use "doohicky" if I do something similar, even though thingamabob is a great word. Doohicky has hicky in it, and nothing says Friday like hickies, am I right? (crickets)

  5. Well .... you appear organised ...... we'll see.

  6. I like your Thingamabob. Reminds me of one of those doohickeys.

    And when you take over the world, let me know. I would like to be in charge of food.

  7. Heya, Miss Claire- Thanks for the link. I am also amused to see that my friends (Greg) have become your friends. There's something sorta wonderful about that.

    I will need to talk to you about trip logistics, as I will be booking a hotel out the Philly way. Will email you later. :)

  8. (I'm included in your taking over the world, right? I mean...we ARE cape buddies!)

  9. You've been a busy woman!

    Great idea for a Friday - a roundup of what you've been up to.

  10. Huzzah for thingamabobs! I like your take on things. :)

  11. A light, fresh touch on blogging ... I've been away too long. The boobs are nice too ;) How's the counseling going?

  12. Good idea, Thingamabobs. A summary. So now we are just supposed to read your blog on Fridays, then?

    I think I will keep reading it 4 of 5 times a day, just out of habit. :)

  13. I feel quite honored to have made this list of inaugural Friday Thingamabobs!!

    Thanks for the shout-out, love...for the record, tho, I've given up the cigs but I'll always have a place in my heart for fags!! ; ) (Gee, this slang business is tiring, eh?)

    Always a pleasure seeing you in the garden!

  14. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for adding me at BlogCatalog. I'm hoping to have some time this weekend to organzie my bloggy life. There is just WAY to much mayhem right now.

    Later babe,

  15. I hope you make it to the Slap and Tickle Party, it's not the same not seeing you around the blogs as much. Hopefully your workload will lighten soon.

    Also, not to be critical, but why the centering?

  16. This is a great idea ... I'm not that organized tho ;)

    Hey! I know what a Hoover is! It's a vacuum cleaner! HA! Learned that from Coronation Street too. See...TV is educational.

    I hope Olga doesn't effect me that way! Yikes!

  17. thingamabobs are better than thingamaboobs, which is what I thought it said at first!

  18. I like the wrapup. Brings everything up to speed.

    Thingamabobs is a great word. Nearly as useful as pants.

    BTW, I noticed you added a new "pants" designation.

  19. Greetings from Washington, DC, and thanks for the mention. Busy, busy, busy thingamabobbing. :)

  20. OMG, those boys are getting so big!!!

    I'd send my plumber (hubby) over, but that'd be one hell of a service call. *LOL* Good luck on that one.