1 Aug 2008

The year ago rip off.

Mr.Sushi always posts his "what I posted a year ago today " on a Friday  thingie and for a while now I have coveted that idea. Finally I broke down and stole his idea, just for this week, probably. Well I have been blogging for nearly two years, so I may as well make some use of those old posts.

Strangely enough this time last year was an interesting time for me and it was back in the day when I wrote a ridiculous amount of posts a day, albeit mostly shitty paid post ones.
So what was I doing?Hurriedly creating alibis to cover my sinister criminal activities? Running round drunk and naked? All wrong.
What Claire was doing 01/08/07
1.Last year I ate Haggis, which is weird because today I was going to take a haggis out the freezer for consumption! I am actually going to have steak and chips (that info is for next years post).
2.Last year I found out that I got on the Diploma for Counselling! Which was a great surprise to me and I bawled my eyes out. Lets see if this time next year I will be bawling because I have passed the Diploma.
3.Last year I hoovered The hoover is currently broke (really) along with the microwave, so I can safely say I have not hoovered today.
4.I posted this picture and explained it more here.

See blogging about daily crap does have its uses!

Farewell Olga post coming up soon, have your tissues ready its heartbreaking!


  1. Steak and chips is totally the dog's bollocks.

  2. Lol, I'm the first commentator on this motherfucking post. Does that make me win a prize? Because I want moar epic boobz. For teh win.

  3. @Qelqoth, If you come back later on tonight you will get what you seek :)

  4. Don't be a fucking tease woman. Needz tits, needz dem nao ffs ssddfdfgghjhhjkjkjlllommmgunnacum

  5. brb, needs wet wipes.

  6. Ok. I really wish you Brits would learn the way to speak English. When you said you hoovered--trust me, that means something much different over here.
    It's like youse have a different word for everything.

  7. @qelqoth, I am no tease (well a bit).

    @da old man,
    Trademark a vacuum cleaner
    1. to vacuum-clean (a carpet)
    2. (often foll. by up)to devour (something) quickly and completely

    I think you are being rude! and have been using urban dictionary far too much :)

  8. Confused American #11,968, tick.

    ::thumbs up::

    I could not tell you what I was doing a year ago. September 1, yes, but not August 1. Go figure. Have a great weekend and see you around the webs...

  9. @Da Old Man:

    Neither Americans or Britons can truly claim the English language as that of their own. It is simply an amalgamation of French, Latin, Spanish, German and other such European languages.

    But since as we're on the topic of ownership, there was a point in history where Britons departed from Plymouth Dock to travel to the Newfoundland.

    There, they forced the native Indian tribes to learn this new language as through doing so, The Holy Bible could be understood and their heathen souls be saved.


  10. I could tell you what I was doing a year ago but I couldn't post about it because Blogger has my blog on a lock-down due to suspected Spam activity. Me? Running a spam-blog? Are they eff'ing kidding? Oh, and they locked down Sandee and Sarge Charlie, too - the buggers!

  11. @Linda:

    I have also been afflicted by Google and their cuntish behaviour. But then, I don't really care. Their AdSense program sucked anyway.

  12. Now I know what hoovering is. Not as exciting as I had imagined. Not sure what I imagined, but I was disappointed. :(

    Well, not your fault. That was last year. This year you've broken the hoover and acquired 2 willys. although I guess you've killed one. :)

  13. I can't remember what I was doing yesterday, much less last year! (although I guess I could read and find out 'eh?)