9 Oct 2008

Fear is not stupid


  1. My biggest fear is not a doodle dragon (or is that a raptor?) but to grow old alone and unloved. And that scores a big ole' 100+ for me.

  2. Hmm...I have a fear of tornadoes which is silly 'cause I don't live in an area where we get those...but I do fear them.

    Heights...don't like those, which is why I'm short.

  3. I'm afraid your boobs are going to be hurt by those talons. You'll never be the same again!!

  4. I agree with Laura, please tell me she has some chainmail armor underneath her shirt??!! LOL

    My biggest fear is electricity. NO, not the use of it silly, but I have a fear of being electricuted. Apparently, I've been woken up way too many times in my life by lightning/thunder, and I dislike being next to powerlines and exposed house wiring, which is kind of hard to do sometimes, being in the fire department and all! LOL

  5. I have two fears actually both associated with my lovely panic attacks...
    1&2 combined
    Driving on the freeway, I can drive the hell out of a regular road. Highways are fine but put me on something that says Interstate. Like I-5... The Freak comes out in me. I can't breathe,I just panic and Bridges... Bridges over water scare me. I have a fear of driving right off the edge. I have a little trouble with being in the left lane also on a two lane 4 lane road... See once while at band camp...LOL

    No once I was going down I-5 in my little red roller skate (honda car) It was pouring cats and dogs the visibility was horrid and then I had a big rig Peterbilt in front of me, one on my right side and one behind me.. The panic set in and I proceeded to get tunnel vision.. Somehow I got over on the right side of the road pulled over on the shoulder and figured I would probably just die right then and there.. Well, about 15 minutes of blood curdling fear went through me and then I was able to take off and go again.. Haven't liked the freeway much since then... Once I drove it when I was really really outrageously mad at my X husband... Wasn't afraid that time. My head was full of other thoughts..Amazing what the human brain is capable of accomplishing when it really wants to. Ta Da all True Story...

  6. At present...not getting my essay done and the bailiffs!
    Constantly...walking into a room full of strangers.

  7. Real genuine fears? hang on and fix yourself a cup of tea....

    Stinging, flying and buzzing bugs (as well as bugs that crunch when you step on them)
    Being trapped (stems from a childhood issue)
    Nuclear war

    Need a good subject? Me!

    Oh, and I get slightly wigged out when I'm driving and there's a passenger in the car. That one is *SO* totally irrational!

  8. P.S. No one knows about the driving thang. Can you keep that one secret?

  9. Excellent doodle, Claire.

    I'd say one of my big fears is rejection. If I can't understand the reasons behind it-- and often they're very random-- it drives me batty.

    I'm also not really big on heights. I think I just don't feel stable on things like ladders, or looking down from, say, a lighthouse.

  10. I have a fear of heights, snakes, eels, fish, sharks, bears, lions, raccoons, monkeys, turtles, nature in general, actually.

  11. OH NO - not the Doodle Boobs!
    Didn't somebody say there's nothing to fear but fear itself?
    Clearly that person didn't have their Doodle Boobs attacked by a dragon!

  12. LOL. I would be afraid of that monster too! Yikes.

  13. I fear, fear. It's the fear that does the real damage, not the thing you're fearful of :O)
    Other than that - spiders and bad thunder storms.

  14. I am afeared of being abducted by aliens...I mean evil bra-nappers....I mean lost in the mail...oh shoot...

  15. ....and hot dryers, dogs and high school class reunions.

  16. Go and make yourself a cup of tea, this might be LOOOONG...

    Heights. Yes, Heights. Despite the fact that I love hillwalking and sometimes need to use power tools on step ladders, I don't like heights. This used to be a full on phobia, but I've challenged it enough now so that it's fairly controllable.

    A few years ago I randomly developed a fear of dark enclosed spaces - ie caves, disused railway tunnels, attics, that kind of thing. It can appear at the most unexpected times - like climbing up inside a monument on a hillside which turned out to have no windows so I freaked out completely on a narrow spiral staircase in pitch darkness that was full of cobwebs and cold water drips...eurghhh. There were little kids pushing past my legs but I was absolutely frozen with horror and no adults could get past me either way! I guess that counts as a phobia?

    I also get scared of big crowds, though at a gig or festival they can also be exhilarating.

    I am terrified of London traffic. I'm a cyclist and the insane things I see every day would give anyone the fear. Anyhow, that's enough writing.

  17. I lover the pic!!

    Also,I hate spiders.

  18. I looked at your pictures and I liked the fact that you are a doodler, too. Cool! The photographs and your doodles are quite interesting. October 12th Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  19. this "dragon" seems to have sexual relations with your character

  20. I have a fear of spiders and heights. I can kill spiders if I "have" to (like nobody to rescue me!) but It takes me forever and lots of planning to do!!

  21. I'm afraid of being unloved and lonely... which I guess is pretty common, and also kind of dumb since I am constantly asking for a little alone time.

    And I am afraid of not being able to pay my bills. I'm glad we don't have debtors prison anymore.