29 Oct 2008

Two bloody years of blogging

 Well I wasn't going to write anything to commemorate two years of me blogging, but its better than doing homework, so what the heck.
Behold semi epic doodle which summarises two years of blogging in doodleriffic form.

Personally I believe that I have been sucked into a weird time vortex and then released two years later. I have no idea what a time vortex is, I just wanted to use that in a sentence.

What have I learnt?
Tons, to put it simply. Okay, okay, I will write a wee bit more than that.
1. The majority of people are not going to find your blog by accident and even if they do find it, they might hate it or be very bored. Some will even tell you this, it may hurt, but its for your own good.

2. People want to know about you, its not creepy, its nice (most of the time). If you write a personal blog and its public, you are putting yourself out there and if you do a good job, they see enough of your personality to actually connect with you. I have made some great friends through this blogging lark, its not something I had even thought about, it just sort of happened. Now I cant get rid of them, sigh (haha). So spend some time and write a decent 'About Me' page, mine is just a backdated post and people seem to read it a lot. I know that I always check out other folks 'About Me's.

3. There are scary frickin trolls out there, people that live in a basement and wear tinfoil hats. They probably don't actually do either, but its nice thinking of them in that way. Basically some people vent their frustrations with life onto the poor folks of the internet. That's their problem and not mine or yours. Get back under your bridges evil troll folk! Go on now, Get!

4. HTML is the stuff of the devil, but sacrifice that damn goat, because people want the links to be damn clicky.

5. Use and Abuse Google Reader, its the only way to keep track of all the blogs that you love.I seriously read a lot of blogs and this is the only way to go about it for me.

6. Become a twit on twitter. I love twitter, I use it for all sorts of stuff. From updating the world on what I have just blogged about, what music I am listening to, what I have just eaten, sharing other folks links, subscribing to local and world news. The list goes on and on.

7. Comments, comments, comments. You have to give to receive! Either by responding to own comments, commenting on other blogs or continuing the conversation in some way. I am still god awful at this, but I also encourage people to email me if they like. It takes time for this to happen, like nearly two years...

8. Blogging has helped immensely with my counselling homework, it was the reason that I started blogging in the first place. The insight and wisdom from the commenter's has been wonderful and has helped a lot! I can even use a lot of the blog in my final counselling project called 'Who Am I'. So I have downloaded some software to turn the blog into a book and that will go with final portfolio.

What would I do differently?
1. Probably less memes and actually concentrate on what really interested me. If it doesn't interested you, then why on earth would it interest anyone else? This is my own time capsule and I love looking back at what I have written in the past (for the most part).

2. Got someone to have design a theme for my blog a LOT sooner, why mess around with the bloody thing when someone far more talented can do it for you! The amount of stress I caused myself messing around with the ruddy template before Design Bug stepped in and created what you are looking at now. I do not recommend anything haphazardly, working with Kelly was great and the outcome was awesome.

3. I hhmmm and haaaaa over the paid post thing. Whilst I made a fair bit of money with it, it was bloody boring and just dosn't fit in with what my blog is for. I am not sure if I would do them again, I probably wont on this blog.

4.There is probably lots more, but I cant think of any at the moment.

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog over the past two years. I am a grumpy, miserable sod, who pretends not to care whether you read it or not, but I do care really!
I have no idea where this blog is going in the future, so keep reading .


  1. Congrats on your two year blogaversary!

  2. Congrats on your two years :)

  3. Huzzah for two glorious years, m'dear!

    Question: if you have posted a little piece of yourself in every post over the two years, how many pieces of yourself do you think you have posted by now?

    And are any of them the saucy pieces?

    Congratulations my dear! Keep up the sterling work!


  4. What a fab feat, and post at that. I certainly haven't known your blog that long, but I've enjoyed my ride thusfar, and will continue to hang with it in the future. U Rawx:)

  5. Happy bloody birthday ! I hope you the next year brings you many more accomplishents and a smaller todo list.

  6. Congrats you miserable sod on two years of torturing us... BWahahahahhahaha

  7. Happy 2 year greetings hun.. what an achievement
    & a fabby log you have
    so has the night owl you been because you blog? Just askin'? As you missed a great day time meet lol...........;-)

  8. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary! I will keep reading as long as you keep writing and doodling!

  9. Congratulations on 2 years. I love reading your blog and hope to see it stick around past its toddler years, whatever it may mature into. :)

  10. Three cheers for the "Cheeky Little Brit" on her second blogoversary! I still love that nickname someone bestowed on you -very appropriate, me thinks!
    Loved your statements about blogs, blogging and what you might (or might not) have done differently. Yes, HTML is the devil incarnate! And a reader is an absolute necessity! No two ways about that, for sure!
    Hope we both survive in the blogging world for a couple more years too, kiddo!

  11. Good on ya, mate!

  12. Of course you care that we read. We are a great bunch of people, highly in demand.

  13. Congrats dear!! And you're right, you do meet interesting people through blogging. Heck, if Lindy-loo hadn't gotten me into blogging, I never would have met a lovely British lass that's totally kick @$$! Keep up the great work!!

  14. Hooray for you! Yours has to be one of the most entertaining personal blogs I've ever come across,it's ALWAYS a great read m'dear! I might not always comment cause I'm not as witty as the bunch that hangs round here but I always try to keep up even if it means reading a whole bunch of posts at once. Your list'o'learning is great. I hope I can keep going to my two year anniversary and I'd be chuffed if I thought I could do it as well as you. Anyway, yeah, hooray for you!

  15. Isn't crazy what you can learn from blogging? It's more educational than a college education! Well, not quite but it sometimes seems that way.

  16. My blog is older than yours? Seriously? How can that be?

    At any rate ... congrats on two bloody years of bloody blogging and it's been a bloody pleasure getting to know your bloody self! There, is that enough 'bloodys' to go round?

    Frank made the comment at work last night that your blog seems to be "boobs" obsessed but I've decided that is a major part of your personality and goes along nicely with the rest of you! I wonder, though, how that translates out in your world of counseling? Is there some sort of term for that? Does this mean you were a bra in a past life or something??

    Regardless - best wishes for two more years of keeping us entertained! You definitely are a cheeky little Brit but you've brightened my life considerably and it has been a pleasure to get to know you and become a friend.

    There now, enough blathering ... off to bug someone else ... toodle pip!

  17. Congratulations, glad you decided to write the longer post :) And it is very important to write about what interests you! I think that makes my blog a bit all over the place sometimes, but I'm still learning at only 5 months old hehe

  18. @Alan, cheers Al, I miss your grumpy grumblings :)

    @sylvied, cheers ma little frog friend :)

    @Lord Likely, HUZZAH indeed. Great question, the answer is lots and yes.

    @Chica, its certainly got better with age, so you haven't missed much at all.

    @Jaffer, cheers dude, but that is a to done list :)

    @Callie Ann, You love being tortured.

    @70steen, I have been hoot hooting long before blogging, but it doesnt help :)

    @KAT, I guess I will keep on going then :)

    @haleyhughes, I think it will keep on going, not sure if it will mature.

    @Jeni, linda loo lumped me with that very apt title :) I appreciate you reading this blog for so long!

    @Sebastyne, cheers dude :)

    @Laura, yes you are pretty great :)

    @Erik. Lindy-loo, ha! I call her that too, its cute. Stop being a bloody flatterer :)

    @Bird, Awwwwwwwww Thanks! what a lively thing to say! Except the bit about the commenters being witty? no way! ahahahahaha :) I love your comments and your blog, which is awesometriffic.

    @MikeC, it is very educational and I have learnt shit loads, far more than I ever thought I would.

    @Linda, erm because you started before me? (d'oh). It bloody is enough bloody, your not even bloody British. Tell Frank he is right and I like boobs, okay? :) Here have a tissue before you bloody start crying.

    @mspennylane, I think I had to write a longer post, otherwise I would of regretted it later :)

  19. Congratufuckinglations! XOXOXOXOXO

    Here's to the next year...where we have a lot to do! :)

  20. It's a wild ride, isn't it. I mean, who thought I'd smoosh my boobs through blogging? ;)

  21. Well, I am a bit late getting back here, but wanted to say Congrats on your two year mark!

    Now that you have 730 days of blogging under your belt, you no longer have to worry about all the blog building problems, time consuming decisions on what colors to use, templates styles, what widget looks better where and what lists and pages etc etc.

    Now you can concentrate on your doodle content! Yippee! :)

  22. Let me be the first to wish you a very happy birthday in your blogging endeavor...


  23. Congrats on keeping the blog going!! I'm about to hit 1000 posts myself.... going to hold a contest to celebrate! :-)