30 Oct 2008

Witching Hour


  1. Interesting -- it was almost the Witching Hour when I read this. You make a great Witch. What's bubbling in your cauldron?

  2. Your witch is pretty in pink.

  3. it's a magician witch...... yep siree... that is what it is... Wala...

  4. Quite bewitching in pink ;-)

  5. I'm not saying you're a witch... so please don't take this the wrong way, but I'm beginning to think these are self portraits?

    Do you have blue eyes?

  6. Self-portrait of you fixing dinner???

  7. I didn't think witches were supposed to cook themselves. No wonder she's waving her arms about. She should get out of the cauldron.

  8. First time visit here to say hello

  9. @Haley, Not sure what I am bubbling away, maybe the souls that I have sucked?

    @Laura, Cheers :) Its not a colour I normally go for. In fact the only pink thing I have is my dressing gown :)

    @Meleah, and they love you! lol :)

    @Callie Ann, or a Witches Magician?

    @tNb, why thank you :)

    @Geek, I have been called a lot worse :) Are you saying that I am using these doodles as a thinly veiled disguise? How very dare you!

    Yes I have blue eyes :)

    @Linda, don't be so bloody cheeky! I use the microwave, mwhahahaha.

    @Misterwoppit, I am clearly hoovering BEHIND the cauldron, sheesh. Your for the pot next mister.

    @Jane Doe, and to you too :)

    @mspennylane, Aww thanks! :)

    @Jean-Luc, You too, may you be pleased with the minimum amount of trick or treaters :)

    @Tikno, welcome to the blog :)

  10. @meleah your bloody early! lol :)