24 Oct 2008

Waiting for the train

Okay I am not really waiting for the train, its just taking me ages to write up my next couple of posts! Then I have all my doodles to do. I hope you  haven't forgotten that Doodle Week starts tomorrow?
Today is hectic! I am waiting for my new bed to arrive and the mumborg to return from hospital. Which will arrive first? My bet is they arrive at the same bloody time! 
Photograph is from my awesometriffic trip, which I have yet to finish writing about.
Edit: The bed won.


  1. Aint that always the way? I'm waiting for heating engineer as heating is on the blink...again.

  2. This is an awesome blog... did you design it as well?

    You wait an hour for a bus and they all come at once... That's life!

  3. Waiting ... waiting ... waiting ...

    Glad to hear that the Mumborg is on her way home today - let's hope she stays there for awhile this time!

    Trip? What trip??

  4. Want to know something sort of interesting about that exact train? For a fee, one can sit up in the cab, and do things like ring the bell, and stuff while it makes one of its daily runs, and a couple years ago, the Old Lady did that on her birthday.
    Her favorite part? Not ringing the bell, or waving to the people as she went along on her journey. No, she enjoyed watching the, as she described, "muscular, sweaty young hunk" shovel coal to keep the engine going.
    And she was washing bits of coal dust out of her nooks and crannies for days.
    So, I paid pretty good money to have her ogle some other man for a few hours. :(

  5. That's the Hogwarts Express right?? :)

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