17 Nov 2008

College Notes for today (November 3rd)

As Monday is Personal Development work, it is sometimes hard for me to translate what I do in class into a blog post. I shall attempt it nonetheless and hope that I don't make a complete hash of it. This week its the turn of images and words to provoke thoughts and feelings.

Postcards/Photographs/Words that Appeal
In class a whole heap of postcards where dumped on the floor, then we had few minutes to pick out two that appealed to us the most. The postcards ranged from pictures of artwork and landscapes to quirky sayings and famous quotes. I have noticed that images and inspirational words seem to appeal to a lot of people in the land of blog. I wonder how much thought goes into picking the images that you use?

I have used a selection of my own photos and doodles here, because I don't want to mess with anyone's copyright malarkey. Obviously these all mean something to me, as I either drew it or photographed it. 
In class I picked a lovely dreamy view across a lake with the sun setting and a mountanious landscape with an avalanche. The first image made me feel all peaceful and I would of loved to have transported myself to that destination. The second image with the avalanche pretty much summed up how the revelations in group had made me feel.

Words that make you think
A pile of words were shuffled like a deck of cards and we each had to pick one. Once we had our word we had to describe how we react emotionally and physically when we read that particular word. This was harder than I first thought it was going to be. I got the word 'sad' and hmm'd and haa'd when it came to describe how I physically act when I am sad. It was really interesting to see the others describe how they acted and felt on the inside/outside.
If you got the word 'sad' could you put it into words how you act?

Personal Journal Entry
The one that was having a few issues before the October break was not in tonights class, which was annoying because the air needs to be cleared and this whole thing put to bed. Then some that weren't in, when this all kicked off, returned, so that led to more confusion, as they felt out the loop. There was some freedom to speak my mind as the person wasn't there, but over all it was frustrating because it goes on for another week. Even though my head feels more pickled than a pickled cabbage, I still turn up every week and still keep on learning about myself.
Some of the exercises that we do seem to be so simple at first, but the emotion that they bring out is quite amazing. Your head becomes so full of thoughts that it is very hard to put it into words why something provoked such a reaction. Maybe it's because your thoughts are really focused on something that you would normally ignore?

Next lesson is self directed study, so I have a few websites that I want to share.

*Remember I am two weeks behind in notes sharing, so current personal journal entry bit doesn't echo my current mood.


  1. Your photographs really are marvelous. The one with the sun hitting the rock in the water is astounding-- I hadn't seen that one before.

    And is the spider our friend from New Hope which I almost leaned on and squished accidentally?

    I hope you're able to straighten things out with your classmate. I hate it when bad feelings or misunderstandings linger on longer than you'd like due to logistics. It's so hard to relax when you feel you have something looming over you. Hang in there. Still rooting you onward!

  2. Hopefully by now you've gotten to clear the air. I hate it, HATE IT, to have to suspend an argument for indefinite periods! Happens sometimes w/ my husband while he's out driving around the country side, so then things don't get worked out properly.

  3. Words that make one think are the best.