14 Nov 2008

Friday Thingamabobs 5: Painting boobs and other stuff.

 Hello Onions! I mean minions, I mean readers erm whatevers! Thanks for the great repsonses to all my counselling like posts of late. I have really enjoyed writing and doodling them, although posts take a lot more time now. Its worth it for me, as it will all go into my personal development file for college, hopefully you will continue to enjoy them too.

What was I doing a year ago on this blog? 
(Actually two years ago, seeing as I am now a blog veteran)
2006: Its scary looking back two years, at the time that blog began (well this blog). I didn't actually post anything on the 14th of November in 2006, so this will have to do from the 13th. Its a few photos from the beach near juniors house (Heather the younger pitt) Heather's Beach .
2007: I posted a lot more in 2007 as the blogging addiction firmly took hold! On November the 14th I posted one of my favourite photographs, if you like stone walls you may like it, A stone wall. On the 13th of November 2007 I also posted this post, which has turned out to get the most hits from google. Ever been confused about what a Swede is? This is a Bloody Swede.

What have I been doing?
 Just a random round up of things I have been up to in the last week or so.
Last weekend I spent time with the Jempot, my lovely older sister, who selfishly pissed off to live in Hamburg and took my nephews with her (what a cow). I apparently still have to love her and spend time with her when she visits, even when she leaves the kids back in Hamburg. The only redeeming fact was the ton of photos she brought back with her. In  the below photos, the kids had to spell out their names for me, just in case I had forgotten who they are.

The kids are bonkers for conkers

After dragging me round all of Liverpool shopping for clothes like bargains, the Jempot and I headed back to our hometown to pick up paint for smooshing. By now she is use to me doing blog like mad things and looks out for things I can blog about. After I got to rest my feet for a short while, we went out with the folks for a meal. 
The Dad and Jempot

This week has also been filled with college like stuff that I will be posting here eventually, so many topics whizzing around this noggin of mine.

What will I be doing?
This weekend I am seeing my chum Karen, not seen her for beards! So I am looking forward to that a lot.The plan is a nice walk/hike on saturday, followed by beer! or something. Not sure what the rest of the weekend holds, possibly the exciting loft clear out, that has been put off for too long. Then the week starts all over again with more college stuff and whatever.

Who should you be doing?
Smoosh your boobies! I had not time to really promote this years smoosh your boobies intiative but watch out, I will be harassing you next year! I cant tell you what we have planned (Olga and I ), but its very exciting.


  1. First off, I am still not smooshing anything in spite of encouragement from Frank!

    Second, if your Mum ever decides to dump your Dad for whatever reason, he's a fairly handsome bloke, send him my way and then I can become your stepmum, wouldn't that be scary??

    Lastly, the nephews are as cute as ever! They must take after their mom and not their niece!

    Pip pip and toodles!

  2. Ooops - I meant their aunt, they're a bit young for a niece, eh?

  3. I really did truly enjoy and savor every word of your college notes posts.

    Isn't it funny when you look back on your blog archives? I always get a nice chuckle when I read my old posts.

  4. Ok, you need one of those translator things here. English to American.
    I'm glad they are bonkers for conkers, but WTH is a conker?

    Next, you haven't seen someone for beards?
    I'm going to assume that's a long time, but where did something like that come from? Is that a real term, or is that a Claireism?

  5. You were kind of heavy with the English-isms this post, but I think I followed you. :) Nothing quite like learning new words in context, but I couldn't figure out "conkers" either.

    And I'm so totally disappointed that I missed smooshing my boobies this year! Any hints on the secret plans?

  6. Its very nice blog.I will come back again.

  7. So that is where your bloody Arse is... Geez been looking for you all night... Your cheating on me... remember I stole all you guys... BWahahahahahahahaha... Inside Joke... Ha Ha Ha

  8. I am having my boobies "professionally" smooshed on Monday when I go in for my annual mammogram. Send good thoughts my way...I have fibromyalgia and the procedure is like torture for me. BUT, I have it done because breast cancer would be worse.

    Ahem, why is it you don't have CommentLuv on your blog? Check my blog to see how to put it on a Blogger blog.

  9. Just a little thank you from me to you, loverly Claire! :)

  10. I ran all over trying to find a swede. Even a bloody swede. Come to find out it is what we call a rutabaga. I have seen them at the green grocers, but it never occurred to me they were edible. Kidding. But I can't remember eating them before. Perhaps I shall buy one and try it. btw, did you know your picture (of a swede) is in the top row of a google image search for swede? It's #3 in fact. And thank you for the idea for a post of my own.

  11. Hi Claire! Sorry I haven't commented lately, I have been reading however. Work has become increasingly cumbersome. I hope soon you will share some more of your jaunt through the New World. Hopefully you will read my ruddy comment, but you've not been forgotten - your counselling notes are intriguing to me, having graduated with a Psychology degree myself. Pity that I haven't brought myself to comment more of late.


    Redbeard xx

  12. Wow, those boys are getting so big! They are still as adorable as ever!!!