20 Nov 2008

College Notes for today (November 5th)

Today (November 5th) is a directed study day, so I have been on the hunt for more resource tools for my toolbox. See what I did there? Tools for my toolbox, there are metaphors for everything! Unless someone tells me that is not actually a metaphor, but in fact something else?

What did I do with this valuable time, whilst having to listen to fireworks exploding all over the place (it was bommy night). Well I don't like recommending sites willy nilly, and only do so if I truly get something from what I have read. So this is just a brief run-down of some of the good eggs I have found in the huge internet basket.

Good Finds

All the above are online resources for anyone to use, I have started to use all three so will report back in a month or so.

Social network niches
A friend of mine has recently pointed out that there is a social network for nearly everything. I personally am interested in anything that helps with personal development and other counselling topics. Are specific sites a good thing? Do they help? So with that in mind I have being taking a look at these two in particular:
I will be writing a review on them very soon, if you know of any more social network sites that fit into the 'mental health' niche let me know. Any other input on this type of thing would be great.

The Future.
I have been looking into what type of counselling I want to specialise in, there is so much to chose from. I am really drawn to Art Therapy and Children Counselling, so a combination of both would be great. Although in saying that, I would also really enjoy doing personal development work with any age group. I don't really think I will be able to make a clear decision, until I have been out on placement for a while.

Personal Journal Entry
Even though I wasn't in college tonight, I still think I should write an entry for my personal journal. After having a week to think about the group dynamics and getting a chance to vent, I feel a lot better about the situation now. Of course I may feel totally different on Monday when everyone should be back in class, but for now I am cool. Even though I have broken my only personal record for crying in public, which is a strange thing for me to get my head round. I don't feel bad about doing it, well maybe a bit, it just feels new to me.
There are so many resources on the internet and I wish someone would put them all in one place for me. That way I wouldn't waste so much time looking for stuff, well actually I probably still would. So that's another thing that I have to reflect on, oh goodie (not).

After I have caught up on college notes, I will post 'The List'. I am posting a list of all the college like things I have to do before June 09, some should of been done last June (gulp).


  1. Your a busy girl! Stop by some time :D

  2. I think YOU would be amazing and fantastic at Art Therapy and Children Counselling. Oh I do hope you pursue that path!

    *Thanks again for kick ass links*