28 Nov 2008


Well having heat is great, apart from now being too hot and all the bloody cleaning. I have never cleaned so much in my life! My eyes sting and my hands are red raw. Also the near death experience with cleaning products and a plug socket does not help matters. Note to self, cleaning fumes and staying up till 6am cleaning, is not a good idea!Thank goodness I had a wind up torch so I could find the bloody circuit breaker and have electricity once more.

Nephews will be here very soon, I cant wait to see the little buggers! I am doodling a cartoon book for their Christmas present (yes I am tight/cheap), so they are helping me with plot ideas tonight. They are only here till Sunday, so will be spending as much time with them as possible. So I better have a shower and hope that it makes me look semi human.

Toodle Pip


  1. Good Lord, Claire, do not kill yourself over there - I can think of at least three, maybe four, guys over here that would be totally heart-broken! I would miss you like bloody hell, too!

    Have a fantastic visit with the nephews and take lots of pictures for the rest of us!

  2. you must be like me in that sense, I gotta spic n span everything before anyone comes to visit hehe. Have fun with your adorable nephew. :)

  3. Have FUN with the lil' buggers! And I think a Doodle Book is a GREAT gift! xoxo

  4. Have a great time with your nephews!! Kids are kewl :)

  5. Oh do be careful! Don't kill yourself doing such mundane things like chores!

    I think a doodle book is a great idea for a gift. They can keep it and when you are kicking up the daisies, they can laugh! Ha ha ha! I meant at the doodles, and remember their batty auntie ;O)

  6. You can come around here and clean when you're finished.

    (Old Irish Saying)

    Have nice weekend, don't clean anything else, 'cept you of course. :)

  7. Be careful, woman! You're too valuable to be lost to a cleaning accident!
    I hear you about the nephews, although I'm not likely to see mine soon, unfortunately. I'll have to make some kind of arrangements for the near future, though. They're growing up far too fast!

  8. Linda is right!! Don't go and do anything crazy, like mixing a bucket of bleach and amonia and throwing it over a light socket while being sleep deprived!! I'd be crushed... :-C

  9. They should teach basics in school - like DON'T mix the Comet with bleach! Yeah, I did that once and passed out. Coulda been lots worse.
    Take care and enjoys the nephews! I bet they love you gob-bunches...
    ~~~ Blessings~~~

  10. Do take care. Near death experiences involving chemicals are not a good thing, particularly when you figure out that you have probably just created some weapon by bringing cleaning products such as chlorine and ammonia in close proximity.

    Rising up from MEH should not include world domination.

  11. Congratulations on the heat!

    You were up all night cleaning? No thank you!

    Hey, have a fun time with the Nephews.

  12. I hope you have a great visit with the nephews, Claire! And glad the heat's working now at least. Just in time for the cold weather, too.

    That was the longest heater-outage I've heard off... good grief!