26 Nov 2008


I was very much amused to see that a word I use a lot, had made it into the Collins English Dictionary. I am sure most of you in the world of blog already use the word 'Meh' a lot (well the grumpy ones anyway). The Guardian newspaper first wrote about this way back in March 2007, in this article Meh - the word that's sweeping the internet. In that article the bloke from the Oxford English Dictionary, says it's not yet suitable for the OED, but he does have a "meh" file. That made me chuckle. Well its still not made it into the good old Oxford yet, so can't use it in scrabble for the time being. If you would like to hear an example of it, with other useful tidbits, go here word of the week. Also here's a link to the article that alerted me to this vital piece of information Meh chosen for 30th anniversary of Collins English Dictionary.

So why exactly am I writing about meh? Especially when it is the epitome of indifference and cant arsed ness.Well the heating has been installed and the house is now toasty warm, but I feel ill and don't want to clean up all the shit(not literal shit, I am not that kind of ill). So meh to the cleaning and meh to the college work. Until I give in and start it after some tea and a dose of the telly.


  1. The green snot really makes this picture. :)

    Meh is such a perfect word. It doesn't even require much effort to say or type.

    Hope you're feeling less-meh soon.

  2. a good dose of the telly can do wonders for a case of the meh's.

  3. Meh....I hope you feel better soon snothead.

  4. you need to wipe the snot with you sleeve. it's nasty to look at ewwww.

  5. You my dear, are anything but meh!

  6. Me too now we are feeling a bit 'meh' and I am a Yank...LOL!!! I hope you feel better soon Claire.

    Dropping, dashing and running trying to get caught up!!:-)

  7. I was wondering why you had a leaf sticking in your mouth - then it hit me. Not the snot, but what it was you were telling us.
    Yeah, I've got a huge case of the mehs. Wanna go somewhere and sleep for a week.

  8. Hey Claire, did you ever send an email to my daughter? She's in Ireland right now, but not liking it too much. LOL! I sent you an email with her address, did you get it?

  9. Hope you feel better Claire! If I wasn't across the pond, I'd come make you some grilled cheese and some tomato soup. That always made me feel better when having a cold...

    I'd also wish you a Happy Thanksgiving today, but I just remembered it's an American Holiday. Or did the Brits have a nice sit down dinner with Indians, many, many years ago?? LMAO


  10. Another word for the ever-expanding English language!

  11. Meh - that's not a good look for you at all there with that drop of green snot running down your face! Get thee to a tissue box, woman!

    Seriously, though, I hope you feel better soon and that you're back to your usual non-Meh self!

  12. I don't think that I've ever heard that word before, but I just saw it on Twitter.

    Hey, I hope you feel better soon!