25 Nov 2008

Not hot yet..

Day two of heating installation/glorious resurrection of thou heating.

Things are going well with the boiler and radiators, I think anyway? I wouldn't have a bloody clue actually. Nothing has blown up yet, so that's always a good sign. I managed to get to the tip today and recycled several tons of plastic and glass bottles. I may have slightly exaggerated matters then, but it did take two car trips to get it all there.There is a definite satisfaction in hearing the drop and shatter of glass in those big recycling bins. Of course its great for the environment too, lets not forget that important note.

I now need to withdraw to my cave, otherwise known as the living room. It is very aptly named, as it is in fact the only room I can live in at the moment! I just sneezed and snot went everywhere, I used my sleeve to mop up.

Watch this space tomorrow, I may be typing from a sub tropical paradise (the heating should get switched on).

Toodle and Pip.


  1. See, although it probably wasn't in real life, the 'snot' thing sounds rather endearing when you post about it like that.

    I wish you early heat and controllable snot. :)

  2. Oh, Claireiepooh - it sucks being cold. Did you know there's this new invention called tissues? Yeah! Really - disposable snot wipes. Cool, huh? :)
    All silliness aside, I'd send you soup if I could.

  3. I'm hoping things get nice and toasty warm for you soon. We wouldn't want you to have to run around with crusty sleeves. :)

    Hey, I know every day is doodle day for you, but I'm wondering what's up with Doodle Week this month? Are you playing?

  4. This project is certainly taking awhile to heat up, isn't it? Hopefully you'll have more heat than you know what to do with soon and then your folks can come back and spend some time with you! Perhaps they shall bring tissues, too?

  5. Wow what a huge deal that heat thing is. I am not living it and it feels like it's been going on for months... it has ever since and maybe before september.. gads..

    Oh I think you and everyone else has got the snot thing covered...heheheheheh

  6. We've just been through all that mess! Thankfully we had ours done in the summer so we're feeling then benefit now :O)

    BTW I was tucking into a bowl of mixed grain cornflakes (If they're 'corn' flakes, how can they be mixed grain?) when I read about your sneezing episode - yuck!

  7. I hear yah... Life without heat sucks. I was freezing at work this week, thankfully they finally figured out what's wrong and turned the thing on!!! Bliss :)))