28 Dec 2008

Caramelised Root Vegetable

Want the recipe that goes with the pictures?
Go to A Thousand Soups to read my guest post.


  1. Looks Delicious.

  2. Yummy, I lurve making soups in winter. They become one meal a day at least!

  3. Wow, the finished product looks nothing at all like the original stuff, does it? Looks like you put it all through a blender!

  4. Wow - you own pots and stuff! I'm so impressed. Actually that looks really, really good, but since I don't do kitchen ... I'll keep to ordering out.

  5. Hmmmmm.... I wonder if they sell that "Horseradish Honey" in the States?! I love honey, honey mustard, and such, AND I love horseradish, so that would be interesting...

    Anyways, one more day till Hogmanay!! Hope you have a good one.

    xx Erik

  6. ROFLO! I enjoyed the confusion about the swede! hee hee! they are tasty devils eh ;)

    Yummy recipe.

  7. @meleah It is :) Is it something your allergies allow?

    @Svasti, I have a habit of eating soup breakfast, dinner and tea :) I am a soupaholic.

    @Linda, hence the blender being in two of the pics, you can keep it chunky if you like, but I prefer it smooth :)

    @Drowsey, yes my own pots and stuff! Get cooking you lazy mare :)

    @Erik, You plonker, it says Herefordshire Honey :)That's a place in England. Although its an interesting idea. I love honey mustard too, especially on a big ham.

    @Errant no problemo :)

    @Lois, yum indeedy!

    @Jafa, that bloody swede post still gets loads of hits off google, I never knew it could cause so much confusion, lol!

    Any soup requests? Then leave them here and I will see what I can do (email Annie at A thousand Soups). Or if you have a great recipe yourself let me know that too.

  8. Oooooooooooh!!! That would explain it. LOL, was wondering why someone would put horseradish in a soup, although I may give that a shot. I figure honey is great with mustard, maybe I'll try it with horseradish... HAHAHA

  9. Happy New Year, Claire. May 2009 be filled with peace, love, and happiness for you. I am so glad that I've come to know you. You're an amazing gal!

  10. Cripes, woman! Is there anything you can't do???
    Hike, doodle, photo-shoot, nursing mum, course work - plus more - and you can cook, too?
    There oughta be a law...
    Happy New Year, Claire!

  11. I'm back. I still don't own pots ... just letting you know ;) haha

    But I do have something for you on my blog. It's not a wok or anything tho.

  12. Great collage! Hey lend me your ear I have a award for you (Click Here)