27 Dec 2008

Merry whatever round up

Another Christmas bites the dust in usual over feeding stylee.
Those that follow me on twitter know that I was up till ridiculous o clock cooking the turkey. I would rather say up late, than get up early any day. Even though I babysit it for hours, I still managed to roast the ruddy thing upside down. I was most upset that it had no breast, until I turned it right side up, whoops. Still tasted bloody nice though. Another thing I like about twitter is twitpic that way I could inform everyone in a pictorial way, of the turkeys progress (upside down progress).  Most people thought that certain pictures were too graphic.... So I have added twitter and twitpic to my sidebars so you can stalk me more effectively. Its micro blogging at its best and great when you cant be arsed writing something lengthy, which sums me up lately.

Through the miracle of technology I got to see the nephews in Hamburg opening presents and their dad flashing his arse (thanks Ste, not). It was great seeing them, but not ste's arse. Twas a quiet Christmas for the rest of it, with just the folks and me. Plus a ton of food and usual Christmas TV watching. Everyone will be home next year, everyone being sisters, nephews, sisters other halves etc. So I may run off somewhere else, only joking .....(heh).

PS: Nobody light a match near me: turkey,sprouts and cabbage = Danger to the environment and possible gaseous explosion. I know too much information, but I cant stop eating the stuff! Halp!

PPS: Also you will have to wait till the 12th day of never to see photograph of new do, or until I am drunk and take a photograph that  I like. 


  1. Mmmm food, that would look good only I feel as stuffed as a very over-stuffed turkey...still! Congrats on the cooking, I get away with it every year by going to the elders' :D

    Re hair, I dyed mine bright red... I like it. On the way home from the park yesterday a pair of people walking towards me went like this

    First one points slightly at me
    'What about like that?'
    'Er, no, er, it's horrible!'

    Um.... :D anyway I bet yours looks similarly fabulous :P

  2. Oh, just get drunk and take the picture.

  3. I agree Old Man....she's prolly drunk right now! :) Come on - take a bloody picture! I know you want to.....

  4. I understand the contents under pressure! sometimes I wonder why I punish myself by feeding my husband meat, beans and roughage!

  5. Gaseous explosions. Roughage. Moonings. A refusal to post an interesting picture. Now I know why I keep coming back here.

  6. Im all about twitter and twitpic. That's about all the updates anyone will be getting from me until after the New Year!