27 Dec 2008

Merry whatever caption

 Can you think of the same caption I was thinking? 
Longer post on its way sometime today, hope you all had a good festive time, or you at least survived it.


  1. Caption -

    1) Tree: No we can *not* go 'walking on the air and floating on the moonlit sky'! Now put your nose back where it should be.

    2) No snowballs, eh?

    3) I don't care if it only comes once a year...

  2. hey troublemaker :) - hmmm thinking of an appropriate caption for you - how about...

    "f*** nose why they moved it, kids eh"


  3. Snowman: "Honestly mister Christmas Tree, pop it in your mouth and it constitutes one of your five a day."

    I'll get me coat...

  4. Christmas Tree: "Quit stickin yer nose in other people's business."

    LOL, hope you had a great one! (X-mas that is...)

  5. I am in Shock Pure Shock... I can not look at such dirty snowmen.... I am fainting.... LOL

  6. Some of you have come scarily close to what I was thinking, others have been funnier/ruder.

    Keep them coming :)

    The captions I mean........

    Who knows what I will doodle next.

  7. The real parents of the little baby Santa ..... virgin snow was not involved .....

  8. I'm glad it's over, too!

    LOL @ your cheeky snowman!

  9. We survived...barely! I hope you had a great one, Claire.

  10. I nearly froze my carrot off!

  11. Oh, continue your mission of cracking me up and leaving me speechless.

  12. You're soooo lucky Dr Jay has gone outta town. Otherwise this blog would be XXX rated after his comment on this post!

    Okay, I'm kinda lame at jokes but here ya go:

    Snowman: Hey Tree, you're not the only one around here with some wood!

  13. A good doodle. I just about survived and am back at the office tomorrow.

  14. @Ken, Number 1 was scarily close to what I think I was thinking. Unfortunately I have actually forgotten what I actually thinking whoops!

    @DailyTwitter, Heh, I bet you were that kid :)

    @Jeffman, filthy! I love it :)

    @Erik, ho ho ho, business is a great way of putting it.

    @Calllie, My arse you are in shock.

    @Daddy P, heh! Quite tame for you.

    @Louis, lol you love him :)

    @Crazy, glad you did.

    @Dead Rooster, you or the snowman.....

    @Healthy,you too.

    @Amazing, I am glad I keep cracking you up, as long as there is no permanent damage, lol.

    @svasti, I don't think he is up to the challenge, lol. Lol I liked your caption! :)

    @Jean-Luc, Hope the office is treating you well :)