5 Dec 2008

Who Am I? The beginning

 For the final project of my counselling diploma, we have been asked to do a reflective piece. It is entitled 'Who Am I?,how about that for an daunting title, yikes! Although its the final project, it has been worked on since the beginning of the diploma (supposedly).

What are we expected to do?
You are required to design a project over the duration of the two year Diploma in Counselling course entitled "Who Am I?".

You are encouraged to be as creative as you wish in designing this project.
You may use photographs, films, recordings etc.

You are expected to examine and reflect on the following points as part of your project:

An awareness of your own self-knowledge of your patterns of behaviour and thought processes and feelings.

Effects of history/background on present behaviour and thought processes and feelings.

An understanding of development of 'self', Identity and self concept.

Evaluation of your own reactions on the therapeutic relationship

Own responses and perceptions of client: behaviours, words. thoughts, feelings, body language etc.

Self - analysis of own needs and their effects on the counselling relationship.
How are we going to do this? 
In College: Group Work, Individual Work and Personal Development Groups.
External: Journal, Reading, Other Personal/Professional Development Activities.

I have been collecting all sorts of tidbits to go into this project, but I really need to crack on and get a proper idea of how I want it to flow. The good thing is, that this here blog is a big part of my 'Who Am I' project, which is pretty fortunate for me. I have looked into how to make this project look good and have found a pretty nifty 'turn blog to book' site called Blurb.You just download the book writing/making software and get cracking. The prices seem reasonable and because its such a special project I don't mind forking out extra to make it look really cool. Not that I will be using all the blog for the project, but a fair chunk of it will at least inspire some of its final content. I will be posting a lot of the 'project' on this blog, not all of it, as some will be too personal and other stuff would breach client confidentiality.


  1. Blog to Book, eh? What an interesting concept and probably something all the Mommy Bloggers out there will jump all over with both feet!

    As for you ... leaving out some of the boobage in your college project perhaps??

  2. I could see this as becoming a really cool scrapbook thing. I would use images from magazines, from my photo albums, and quotes of things I've said or other's have said to me. :)

  3. I hope it all flows easily for you :O)

    I think, maybe a bra that blogs and travels around the globe could raise an eyebrow or two ;O)

  4. I hope it all goes well for you too Claire. My oldest is a Professor and I know oh so well the agony of writing those papers and Thesis'!
    Good luck:-)

  5. It sounds like a very introspective, almost cleansing process....enjoy the assignment. It sounds healing!

  6. I did this on my course a few years ago now. Just used old magazines and photos, then stuck it altogether on one piece of paper. which reflected 4 models of counselling, CBT one group of pics and stuff. Person centered another set of pics etc. Dont know if this helps.

  7. Sounds like a fun, yet somewhat intimidating project. You are definitely ahead of the game since you have a blog. I have a masters degree in social work and I have to say I don't miss these kinds of projects. But, I do remember how helpful and rewarding they turned out to be. Good luck to you!

  8. wow, you've got a very nicely managed blog.
    Claire, I appreciate the hard work you did to create such an amazing template.
    Best Wishes!