23 Jan 2009

Lofty surprises

The loft insulation type bloke was only a wee bit late and got the job done rather quickly. Unfortunately he put the insulating stuff over the already insulated floor? So that will have to taken up and shoved somewhere. Shortly after he finished, the cavity wall filler type people turned up and got that job done. This house is now supposedly super insulated, so I am supposedly snug as bug in a rug. As I have had my flu blanket on, I cant really tell yet.

Now that the ghastly loft is empty and insulated, its time to sort through all the crap. Not that any of it is actually mine. Well apart from two boxes of Wallace and Gromit stuff. I was a tad obsessed with the cheesy wonderfulness that was and is Wallace and Gromit. As the emptying of the loft was a rush job due to illness and laziness, I was without a bed and bedroom for four days! This did not help my naturally sunny disposition or phlegm filled body. Anyhoo I have made room now for my weary carcass and the mega sortage has begun.

Its not all been doom and gloom, I have found the family tree that the dad has been looking for, for ages and a day. Also a whole load of awesometriffic family photos. The photographs above are just a few of the million I will be scanning. Also I will update on family tree findings as and when the dad finds interesting tidbits.


  1. I wish I could find my baby pictures ! I am hoping my dad still has them back in Saudi Arabia.

    The time I arrived, my dad got himself a new camera (which is in my possession now). So he took a picture of everything and every moment back then.

    Well, good luck with the unpacking and the sorting and stuff.


    P.S. Your buttons got hidden behind the footer ! I am using Google Chrome.

  2. Wallace and Gromit are awesome. You should post some pictures of some of your stuff

  3. @Jaffer, I am lucky in regards to baby photos, my granddad was a whizz when it came to technology, first person in family to have computer, video camera etc.

    No idea why Google Chrome hides it? Maybe because this style of comment box on blogger is still in draft mode?

    @Da Old Man, does one really want to see Wallace and Gromit stuff?

  4. Spiders and photos, aren't you lucky?!

    You should Ebay the Wallace and Gromit stuff.

    Let us know about the family tree stuff, as you know am genealogy junkie...

  5. Who knows? We may be related! My folks come from England, Wales, France and Austria... My mother was a "Morris." It's so common I've never done much of a search...
    Enjoy your new digs.

  6. Forgot to ask: Are you the cutie on the left???