20 Jan 2009

Lofts and Spiders

I interrupt my review of 2008 posts, to do an update 2009 stylee. What's been happening with me in the present time? The sodding bloody flu! What a bloody surprise that is, not really, as I am always ill this time of year.
The loft of doom has had to be cleared for tomorrows invasion of loft insulation and cavity wall type people. Boy that loft can hold a veritable feast of crap. None of which is mine, apart from two teeny boxes. Heather the younger sibling is the main culprit, boy that girl has hoarded some shit over the years. I ended up eating a few of those bloody spiders and twatting my head on the low beams too many times. So that put me in a great mood! They better get it finished quick smart tomorrow/today.

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Which basically means what random/boring stuff I am up to at that moment in time. Tomorrow I predict I will be grumbling about builders and appalling weather.

PS: Jemma and Heather you OWE ME!


  1. Ew. Spiders. Ew ew ew ew ew. EW!

  2. Sorry you have the flu. Hope you get better soon. I had to laugh though at the sodding part. Coming from England I am not bothered by your choice of words. My aunt would call people a silly sod and no one thought anything of it. I think it means you have the mentality of a sod of earth, HOWEVER, in North America you couldn't say anything worse as the meaning is sodomite.

    Words can differ so much can't they depending where you go. I had lived for a couple of years in the USA so when I returned to Canada and listened to the new American pastor in our rural Canadian church mention something about buggering around there was a collective gasp of the congregation. He meant messing around or acting the fool but again this is a word never said in Canadian circles as it is back to the sodomite thing.

    Other things that surprise me is the offence at the words "Shut up" which is what I would often yell at my three sons when I was about to pick up the telephone, much to the shock of friends present and visiting children.

    Anyway I hope you recover from the sodding flu and quit buggering about being poorly.

  3. I like spiders. They remove a lot of other household insects. Hope you are better soon.

  4. Spiders? EKKK! Hey, get better soon!

  5. You wind up having to do the ickiest of chores!
    Hope you bounce back on your little tootsies quickly!

  6. Ewwww. They definitely owe you big time. Eww. Eww. Eww.

    Although, I'm sure that if I really looked around my attic, I'd find some equally disgusting spiders.

    Did I saw Ewww yet?

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