16 Jan 2009

A year in review: April 2008

April 2008 was certainly a fun filled month for me and the blog, Hamburg to Emma's hen weekend and the Llamas to doodling. Hopefully you can spot all the clues in the above doodle?

Photograph time!
In April last year I definitely went photograph happy and soon my flickr account had surpassed 1000 items, of course now there is a lot more, but some of them are my doodles.
Had you seen them all the first time round? Any favourites?

Doodle Time
This time last year 'Doodle Week' was born, I have slacked in that department of late. I still love doodling though, hence the doodle that goes with each of these posts. So to read about how Doodle Week started, then read these posts.

Llama llama time!
So much fun was had on Llama, Llama weekend. If you ever get a chance to hike with Llamas, you must do it! Watch the video and read the post to find out more. Before I left for this trip I left a clue and then when I got I wrote about it here A clue and Llama Llama LLAMA!
Whats the funnest hen weekend or Stag Do  you have been on?

Blow up Rob and friends
There had to some reason why the majority of my google search hits to this blog are 'blow up doll', well there is and the answers are found in these post. Its a love story with a tragic ending and some very very funny pictures. 
Starting with Non rude blow up doll, then UH OH, onto Introducing Blow Up Rob and Friends. A final funny moment found here to keep you amused.

How drunk do you think we were on this weekend?

I finally got to visit my sister and nephews in Hamburg, it was fun, red light districts and the threat of a sex museum. Hopefully I am going again at the end of Februaray so I may get to that sex museum after all!

Would you go to the sex musuem or red light district or both?

 Horny Time
Another British Slang post and doodle, which was originally posted elsewhere but I have reclaimed it and now its one fantastically rude post. In fact its probably one of my favourite posts.
Do you enjoy the British Slang posts? Should I write some more?


  1. OK...I cannot disagree with any of this! April 'twas a great month! :)

    And YES...please write more British Slang posts so I can undertand what you are saying to me! :)

  2. Ah yes, good times in April.