26 Jan 2009

A year in review: May 2008

This is a review of May on this here blog, twas a doodle and photograph mad month, with blow up dolls mentioned again.

Photographs in May
I have just presumed that no one can actually be arsed clicking through and looking at the original photographs, so here they are in collagey goodness.

Doodles in May 
May was doodle mad, as that's when doodle week started. Once I started doodling I couldn't stop. 

Fun times
It was just Heather, Emma and I, for Lllama llama weekend (mentioned in the April review), so for the rest of Emma's pals we had a more traditional  Hen Night in Liverpool.This is a photographic review of the night, with links to further posts below.
Which you can see more of here and read more about here.

Hardest post to write
For a personal blog, I tend not to get too personal a lot of the time. This post was an exception to that, because it was something that I needed/wanted to share at the time.

June 2008 will be reviewed before June 2009...


  1. Sounds like a fun month :)

  2. The hen night in Liverpool looked a LOT of fun!