27 Jan 2009

Moonwalking and Bras

Twas many months ago that decided I was ready for a challenge, something a little different.... Fire eating? Pole dancing? Contortion ism? What's different about those? pfft. I needed something much more scary than that. So what crazy thing have I signed up for?
I am MoonWalking! Before you think I have totally flipped, I am not busting my moves like Michael Jackson on the nearest dancefloor. I will be busting my guts on the streets of Edinburgh wearing a bra, for charity. The MoonWalk is a 26.2 mile powerwalk to raise money and awareness for and about Breast Cancer. There are two MoonWalks, I am doing the Edinburgh one, on the 20th of June.
Please click this link to read more MoonWalk 2009 Edinurgh.

I have never done a marathon before or anything remotely marathon like, so this a mega challenge for me. I am terrified, excited, cacking it and exhilarated! I have also opted to do this challenge solo, as its something of a personal challenge that I need to do on my own. I have pestered friends and family to come and cheer me on though.

I knew Olga, smooshing and drawing boobs would come in handy. Twas a sign that I would be pounding the streets in my underwear, sober.......

Also while I have your attention, remember to check your boobs!
Repeat step 3 whilst lying down!

So I need power walking tips! Any pedometer recommendations, training shoes recommendations and tips about training clothes etc! Also anyone that has done the MoonWalk before, please get in touch.

Fund-raising Donations Here


  1. Okay, I've just now moved my trip from July to June, and changed my daytrip from Stirling to Edinburgh! LOL, seriously though, I would suggest Asics for sneakers, unless they don't have them in the UK. Otherwise, I'd personally get Reebok cross-trainers as a second choice. Then again, how much are you looking to spend, and how often would you wear them aside from the Moonwalk?

  2. ha! great concept! and at night! will follow this thread. tips for the 26.2 include: wear "thorlo" brand socks with double cushion. walk in your new shoes as least a month before the moonwalk. regarding contributions, not clear on "how to" options.

  3. Wow, that will be quite an achievement! And not just any old marathon, either. Please consider a "sports" bra just in case you break into a run! :o)

    Thanks for the boobies reminder...I'm awfully bad at that... :o(

  4. Congratulations, I am so proud of you! Be sure to take you camera along.

  5. I see you have plenty of time to train :) I liked Ascics shoes for running, but that was a few years back. :)

  6. 26.2 miles? Good grief. I complain when I have to walk half a mile for the bus. Well, it's for a good cause. Will you be wearing Olga? At any rate, try to get some photos! ;) Oh, and get very good sneakers. Nike is one of the best brands here in the US.

    Hmm, Pole dancing!?

  7. This will definitely bring awareness to breast cancer! You sure have courage (or insanity) to go out in your bra even for a mile, much less 26.2 miles.

    Don't forget to take plenty of pictures lol j/k.

  8. I knew that if I lurked long enough, I'd eventually see boobage. Awesome.