25 Mar 2009

Explodius Arsius (maybe)

I made some chilli con whatsit tonight for me and the dad, but decided not to eat any after adding some super hot sauce. The hot sauce was a gift for the dad that I bought whilst in America, from a cool hot sauce shop in a town called New Hope. On that shopping trip the awesometriffic JD and Jen naughtily tried to get me to buy some super hot stuff that you have to sign for, but I whimped out. I may have some of the chilli tomorrow with a jacket spud, but will have a fire extinguisher on hand in case I get cursed with a fiery ring of hell....


  1. Dear god, but that stuff looks like it would hurt. Have fun >bwhahahaha<.

  2. Around here, there's an expression when you eat hot stuff: "C'mon ice cream!" I got ahold of one of those habanero (sp?) peppers in some Asian food and thought I was dead. Couldn't feel my tongue for days!
    So, how did dad like the chili?

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Insane! So ... any happenings?

  4. Pretty nasty-looking stuff. I'd stay away from it. At least until you see if Dad survives tomorrow. :)