24 Mar 2009

Latest update from the cube

Since her weekend release from the cube, The Mumborg's latest patch has begun to do its job and the healing process has took itself up a gear. The Mumborg is of course a golly good sport and got the nurses to take these lovely photos whilst they were changing the bandages. The gaping wound will continue to get smaller with the aid of the vacuum closure system, as it does they plug the area with an increasingly smaller sized sponge. This allows the wound to heal with the least amount of outside interfernce and all the goo stuff collects in a special container that has to be changed every morning.


  1. I love the faces...
    Honestly, it looks pretty good. I have a friend who has Spina Bifida and they had to do something similar to this and it worked very well. Praying that this will be the last of it for mumborg! Please give her my best.
    **I heard on the news yesterday that zinc supplements can help prevent sepsis.

  2. I am having trouble looking at this. The picture it's self ain't bad, but I have a queezy stomach and that just makes me wanna chuck up...gADS

  3. Ok, kinda bleugh to look at but very funny with the face and very cool for the Mumborg :o)

  4. (delurking)

    Glad to see that Mumborg is healing. Yes, that looks WAAAAAAAAAY better. Hope the healing continues as well as it's going now.

  5. Love the Snideley Whiplash doodle on the mumborg. Let's hope that gash gets smaller faster and the borg collective once more has a piece that is no longer resisting its fate.

  6. Indeed why so serious when the wound looks like it is doing SO much better?!? Glad to hear that things are looking up for the Mumborg and that she's such a good sport about picture-taking and all. When she gets home you really should get her a blog of her own!