22 Mar 2009

Happy Mumborg Day and Stuff

Today its Mother's Day in the UK (Mumborg Day), so I thought I would share a few photographs, a wee video and generally record what I have been up to this week gone by.
The Mumborg was allowed home this weekend so that she could go to my Grandpa's 80th party and spend some time with my sisters and nephews while they were home for the weekend. I was not that happy about it, as I really thought she wasn't up to it at all, but of course she just ignored my sage advice(stubborn bugger).
To be fair The Mumbrg has improved since she has had the Vacuum Closure System installed/inserted or whatever last week, but is still very weak and fragile. When they were cleaning out the wound to finally stop the bleeding, it was in fact going septic, as things in there were going black and generally looking bloody awful.
So I was a right grumpy bastard when she decided to ask the doctors for leave and I told her I was going away for the weekend. She of course knew I was just being a shit and arranged things anyways. The district nurse had to come out 5 times a day to administer IV antibiotics and check on her, as they are still very anxious about her getting any sort of infection.
The vacuum closure system also comes in a handy portable size, which is basically a vacuum sucking the gunk out of the wound, through a sponge and into a container. I was going to take pictures, but it really does look horrid, so I just took a pic of the IV thing instead.
Grandpa's party was yesterday, although his birthday is today and everyone enjoyed themselves. Most importantly The Mumborg and the Grandpa did.
I had spent a ridiculous amount of time working on a photographic slideshow, totally messed it up several times by trying to save it in the wrong format, scanner breaking etc etc. So I was late to the party and upset that it wasn't as perfect as I hoped, but it went very well in the end. People laughed and cried in the appropriate places and the Grandpa loved it. The photographs from that slideshow will eventually be made into a Photobook for him to keep, so it was worth spending all that ruddy time on it. I will probably flood flickr at some point with all the images from it, but for the moment I need a break from looking at all those ugly mugs.

Heather and Jemma both headed back home today, Heather to Scotland and Jemma plus Kids to Hamburg. As The Mumborg can't have real flowers in hospital we compromised and got the flowers in the photographs. They are ridiculosuly cheery, but rather fun and at least there is no nasty pollen on them. Although I hope they are machine washable, as dust bunnies may take over....

Just to remind folks that I am a bit mad creative,in case you forgot, here is a video of the mini mumborg ( a wind-up toy for the mum off the Jemma). Somehow, after watching it, I ended up wandering the streets with five toasters, a microwave and a hairdryer, odd.


  1. The Mini Mumborg is rather sinister, but I'm glad the real one plus Grandpa had a lovely weekend. :)

  2. Happy Mumborg Day - glad they both (you all) had a good time.

  3. Hilarious.. What the heck is that crazy thing. I saw this on your twitter it came up as a cool little bubble thing. I have a friend that loves that saying from the Old StarTrek.. How Funny!!! :)

  4. Even though you weren't keen on it, I'm glad they sprung your Mum from the hospital so that she could attend the festivities! I'm also glad you decided to forgo the really gory, nasty pictures!

    The flowers are very cute and I'm sure they cheer your Mum up immensely! Mother's Day over here isn't until May but I've already decided I'm asking the oldest for an electric tea kettle - my new electric stove takes too long to heat up a kettle of water!

  5. I played the video and was immediately attacked by the coffee maker and mixer. What have you unleashed on an unsuspecting world?