24 Mar 2009

Happy Birthday to Ewan

My nephew Ewan is ten today, which has flown by! Holy sheesh. He is currently living in Hamburg, Germany with my sister Jemma and other nephew Connor, so I miss another birthday with him. I got to spend the past weekend with him though and we had some fun times playing laser quest, even though he had a better score than me... So Happy Birthday Spud


  1. Happy Bday Ewan! I can tell you this, he is gonna be a lady killer when he is older.

  2. Ten years old already??? You're right - where do the years go???

    Hope he has the best of years and many more to follow!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ewan! You're really lucky to have such a terrific aunt but I know you know that!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Ewan.............