28 May 2009

I am I

In searching for poetry for my 'Who Am I' project I am came across this poem by Fritz Perls, called the 'Gestalt Prayer' .
I was already familiar with old Fritzy but not this poem or the supposed controversy that surrounds it. Well controversy may be stretching it a wee bit, maybe discussion starting is better.
It seems that when some people reproduce this poem they omit the last line 'If not, it can't be helped', I wonder why? Also do you see this poem as oversimplfying things, as life is just not that simple? It certainly appeals to me, so I will be having a think on it.

Other news:
Check out my new counselling student squidoo type thing, where I am going to collect together all the counselling resources I have found useful: A student in counselling (broke the link before)

Olga steps up the MoonWalking campaign for me These boobs are made for walking


  1. Ah, if only it were really that simple but sometimes people just can't accept the fact that others are different. It's true, though, that we can't all just get along, can we?!?

  2. I couldn't comment on the other blog so I'll leave it here. Had an idea for a traveling photo and thought it would be a smashing shot, but I don't think Olga would like to go into a fire with me, she might get burned(or at least charred)! LOL

  3. Looks pretty much spot on to me. Accept yourself and randomness.

  4. Uhmmmm --- TRYING to change my EViL ways... *grin*

  5. Can see why there would be discussion but I like it.

    Good luck self imploding and with the college stuff.

  6. A good poem. I haven't seen it before.

  7. I love this... it explains lots of things to me. I am going to borrow this for my blog and of course credit my friend Claire... Love ya girly.

  8. I think most people delete the last line is because it's "negative." Or maybe it won't fit on the last line of a greeting card....
    I've always liked it and believe there's a lot to be said for it. I didn't know to credit it to ol' Fritz face though.

  9. Wise words indeed, that are quite simply inspirational.........

  10. I love this - I think people miss off the last line because it brings some of the painful reality of life. It's the most important part of the poem and completely changes the meaning.

    Humans are weirdos.

    Hope the college work is going well :)

  11. Too many people forget that if you love someone, it doesn't obligate them to return the feeling. There would be a lot less sadness if everyone could accept that the reward is in the loving not the being loved. If it happens fine, but take the joy where you can find it.

  12. That poem is beautiful, so true. Something to live by.

    I just read it to my boyfriend and he went 'Uh'.


  13. well, yes, it's simple. that's why it's a poem, not a 1,000-page book :)

    the serenity prayer is even shorter!

    about the last line - there's many ways to interpret it. how about: "don't sweat it!"