4 Jun 2009

Some poetry via assignment whatever

Shhhh I am not actually here, I am hard at work! It was my last actual learning session in college last night and after a wee party on Monday that will be it. I have some extra time to hand in outstanding work, but the vast majority has to be in by Thursday (gulp).

Here are the handouts I produced for a presentation I did on Body Dysmorphic Disorder, I found poetry that some BDD sufferer's had written that I thought was very powerful and wanted to share it on here. 


  1. I won't tell anyone. You can hide behind me. No One will ever find you there. That test you had us take was fun. Surprised I got a 75%

  2. Excellent..."Fixated" really got to me.
    I'll be 62 this month. It's still a shock to see my reflection because inside, I haven't aged a day. Difficult...

  3. That poetry is really powerful. I'm with Amazing Gracie - I keep telling myself that reflection isn't me, not really.

  4. Body dysmorphic disorder is something I have seen when I was a 5th year medical student. My experiencce with the girl I met was rather mixed feeling.

    She was sooooo concerned about her nose to fat. However, her nose was as tall and well proportioned to her face. She had to put heavy make up to make it "slimmer"

    The disorder had reduced her self esteem to a severe depression and anxiety disorder and I felt for her during that whole 2 week elective with her. She was totally zonked out by antipsychotic medications at the end of the 2 weeks looking like a zombie...

    Scary for psychiatry

  5. Hey Jamie I got 75% too, remind to post about that on here at some point!

    @Gracie - @suzen, Fixated certainly resonated me, I have already written about it for my counselling project, so will post that on here soonish.

    @roentarre, Oh thanks for sharing that story with me. It is a sad tale indeed and something that I seemed to come across a lot when reading up on the subject.