10 Jul 2009

Errant Eyebrows and Therapy

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This post is approved by the BAEEA - British Association of Errant Eyebrow Abuse. If you know of anyone that has suffered from this shameful affliction or imposed it onto someone else (Grandma's I am looking at you) please don't hesitate to get in touch.
This has actually no meaning at all, just some random thoughts squished into a incoherent post. It all started when I was thinking the other day about what I lose the most frequently (marbles excluded) and came up with keys, phone and tweezers.
Why tweezers? Do I have hideously overgrown mono-brow like tendencies? Actually no I don't, but there was a time when I thought I did. My dad and my younger sister suffer severely from errant eyebrow syndrome, lots of pictures to prove it too. The older sister on the otherhand went the other way and suffered for years with 'Holy Plucked Off' syndrome. Somewhere in the midst of all that she convinced me that I had a monobrow, not sure how she did it. Well maybe by saying something like this:
You look like a boy with eyebrows like that!
Yes she was in fact being a bitch and I plucked my eyebrows to death. It literally took years for the buggers to grow back properly and every now and then an errant little bugger appears. It then sets off mono-brow nightmare flashes and I have to pluck it out immediately!

Do you have any errant eyebrow stories? Would a therapists errant eyebrows put you off? 

Other news: 
Have you checked out my penguin post and voted for me?

Mumborg is still in hospital, still losing blood, still has two legs for now and still waiting for the surgeons to make a ruddy decision. Other than that she is tickety boo.

College work progress is still going slow, but I will get there! Got a placement appointment for a week on Monday for the local cancer support centre, which I am really looking forward too.


  1. Eyebrows, eh? Do I have a couple of posts you should read then! Ahem, yes, they *are* on my blog, but in my defence they are eyebrow nightmare related...

    Mutuant zombie people
    Nightmare on Acland Street

    I offer these so you can laugh at someone else's eyebrows except your own. ;)

  2. My eyebrows are nuts...long, short, curly, straight, pretty much all over the place...though still not nearly as bad as Larry Hagman in Primary Colors (I don't know if there's a youtube video dedicated to his eyebrows in that movie, but there should be)....

    Best wishes for Mumborg...

  3. Hmmmm. Therapists' eyebrows?

    I have a tendency of paying more attention to the feet...the line of the strap of the sandal against the back of the foot...

    ...where was I? :)

  4. How soon can you send an official errant eyebrow expert my way?

    I do, in fact, attend to my therapists eyebrow state, although in my defense I attend to almost everything about her. Hers are unplucked, but not at all frightening. Mine on the other had - unshapely attempts at plucking mean that I don't have monobrow status, but unfortunately I wouldn't place them in the 'beautiful' category. Hence my need for an eyebrow consultant. Get down here missy!

  5. Funnily enough I have never, ever plucked my eyebrows, and reading this I am glad that I was never tempted to do so. As for losing things, well, its glasses and pens with me, although when I lose the former they are usually right under my nose but because I'm not wearing them I can't see for looking..

  6. I've plucked the bridge between my eyebrows since I was called a caveman in 7th grade. Kids are monsters

  7. Tickety Boo?!? Oh poor mumborg...please give that woman a BIG Double-D HUG from me!

    My blogmistress says she'd be more than happy to WAX your errant eyebrow hairs....or any others that are buggin' ya! :)


  8. PS: Best wishes & Good Luck on your interview too! XOXO

  9. LOL! 'Errant eyebrow stories' I really don't have any errant eyebrow stories, I pluck only the few strays that really annoy me. Every once in a while, if I have a big event to go to, I let my hairdresser wax my brows but generally don't care that much either way.

    What I do find annoying are the errant little hairs that are starting to appear on my upper lip! Now THAT is annoying and one part of the aging process that I am just not crazy about!


  10. *waves* Hi Claire!

    I haven't any eyebrow stories, but got a good laugh out of yours.