9 Aug 2009

Out in the pool


  1. You seem to be living a happy, full life.

    Gimme a piece of that.

    And keep going, girl.

  2. Is that a footlong hot dog/sausage?

    Looks like fun!

  3. @Kate M I am the miserable sod taking the pictures, not the one in them :)

    @Lois, It is indeed a foot long, after the night had finished we wandered into a American stylee diner :)

    I had a cheese dog and managed to get the cheese sauce all in my hair, whoops.

  4. thanks for your lovely comments! i read back a little about your mom... i love the sketch of the floppy leg! and i would absolutely love a sketch sometime... tell your mom good luck with her leg, and i'll be back to see how you're all doing!

  5. Loving the centre pic best, hope you managed to have some fun apart from taking the pictures!

  6. beautiful and funny photos :) Enjoy your life!

  7. Lovely pics, would have been much nicer if YOU were in them!! ;-)

  8. yes, but photos without explanation? What have they to do with a pool? Where are the bathing-suits, the beach-balls, and the one, drunk kid, who falls in the pool with all of his clothes on.

  9. In a effort to be more friendly I shall try and keep up with comments! hehe :)

    @Jeanluc Heather (my sister) and co didn't need any encouragement to be lively :)

    @Lauren, Sketch done and sent, wishes passed on to the mumborg :)

    @Alison, yes the middle one was a lucky shot, thanks to the shop lightning. I have fun taking the pictures :)

    @Italo Cheers, I will try :)

    @Erik, I would just ruin them.

    @Modern Sophist, One is not as wordy as you :)
    The 'pool' is a shortened way of saying Liverpool, the city I was out in :) No chance of swimming pools here, it is the UK and far too bloody cold.