17 Sept 2009

Introducing Mr Lopitoff

Every story needs a villain, so in the latest Mumborg trials who better than the surgeon who will remove her leg? So I thought I would introduce you to Mr Lopitoff (Not his real name), the Mr is because he is a surgeon and not just a mere doctor. He is supposedly a nice man and a great doctor, but I shall be ignoring that for the sake of artistic license or some such bollocks. Through the power of text and twitter, the mumborg and I reached a compromise with 'Mr Lopitoff', but who knows this may change, especially if we think of something funnier.
The Mumborg doesn't actually read this here blog, because I don't let her have computer access, but she does know that I write about and doodle her. Even so she frequently tells people about the blog, including the lovely hospital chaplain (waves at him and hopes he doesn't notice the bad words). The chaplain was nice enough to print off this doodle for mum's room. It was that doodle that Mr lopitoff commented on and boy will the poor sod rue that day. When the mumborg told me that he, along with a few others on the ward, really liked the doodles (inflated ego alert!), I thought hmmmmm?? What about adding a surgeon to the doodle adventures? Mumborg loved the idea, so poor Mr Lopitoff doesn't know that the Mumborg then enlisted a fellow doctor to steal his picture, so that I had good doodle material to work with. Who knows what will happen to Mr Lopitoff, I suppose it depends on how good a job he does in surgery, No pressure! Actually a shit load of pressure, as I wouldn't want to kill off his character so soon.....

Things you shouldn't hear in surgery:
Accept this sacrifice, O Great Lord of Darkness.

If you have only recently joined in on the mumborg adventures just click the 'mum' to find out more.


  1. So... not all doctors are called Doctor over there? "Doctor" is fairly close to "God" over here, so no one would give up the chance to be called Doctor.

    I'm still sending positive energy to the Mumborg. Gosh darn, I sure would like to meet her some day. She's obviously one amazing person!

  2. Bravo! I look forward to the continuing story of Mr/Dr Lopitoff!

    BTW, have you ever heard of an absurd Australian comedy/soap called 'Let the Blood Run Free'? Look it up on You Tube. I'm thinking you might find some inspiration there! ;)

  3. Woohoo!! Another character! He looks very cool! Mr. Lopitoff...I get a bit Jekyll&Hyde feeling here.

    And yes you are a great doodler! I love it ^_^! A wave from Holland to your mom and you of course!

  4. Hugs to you and Mumborg. Mr. Loptioff look like the perfect villan... well, maybe a dark hero...

  5. Hmmm Surgeons are not known for their bedside manner as they tend to be glorified mechanics (Let me bang on that while throwing parts and pieces all over the place). I wish Mr. Lopitoff a very successful repair job.

    Best wishes to the mumborg for a full recovery.

  6. Too bad there wasn't an alter ego called Mr. Keepiton who could find a way to thwart Mr. Lopitoff's evil plan to remove the Mumborg's leg (though if it saves the rest of her then I guess technically the plan isn't exactly evil!)

    I am so glad to see that you're keeping a great sense of humor about all of this - that's got to be a lot more helpful than fretting and being angry about a situation that you or anyone else apparently can't change.

    Kudos to you!

  7. flipping eck, the trials and tribulations you and mumborg have to go through. sending my best and I love the doodle.

  8. I guess your Mum is trying to prove that resistance is not futile. There will be no assimilation.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the leg. Sending her TONS of positive thoughts.

    I love it that you can find the humor in the situation. I love the doodles, too. Can't wait to read about her adventures with Dr. Lopitoff. Great name.

    I'm sending you TONS of positive thoughts, too. It's not easy being a bystander on this sort of thing.

  9. Even though you made a point of explaining how he's "Mr." Lopitoff, I still couldn't help but write "Dr." We're conditioned that way in America. :)

  10. Lopitoff... Hm, that's Czech, right? :)

    (He'd better Czech before it Lopsitoff, anyway!)

    Just wait till the fellow sees himself immortalized in doodle form!

  11. Claire--I have been thinking about you and your mum since you commented on my blog. I am so sorry to hear that your mum has to have her leg removed--she must be such an incredibly strong person, as well as an amazing mother to have raised such a lovely daughter. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your mum, and your entire family--I hope the surgery is successful and that you and your mum has good health afterward.

    (The ending really made me laugh!--ha ha ha ha ha--things you don't want to hear in surgery--love it!).

    Take care, my friend--


  12. Dear Claire! You have such a fantastic sense of humor! You and Linda should get together as a team and go on the road... I loved her comment on Dr. Keepiton.
    You know you and yours are in my prayers.

  13. Just wanted you to know I think you are a remarkable young woman and daughter. I am sorry to hear what your Mum and you as a family must endure. Your humor provides you strength and the fact you have this inner stamina is a fine example to the rest of us. I keep you in my prayers. Please give your Mum hugs from me. Thank you very much.

    From Across The Big Pond.

  14. i hope everything keeps going well post-surgery! good luck & love to mumborg!

  15. Hello Claire,
    Just a note to tell you I am continuing to pray for your Mum and her family. Take care.

  16. Love the name! And he looks so lovely in the before picture...