30 Nov 2009

November in pictures

On November 1st I started a 365 photographic project, basically a photo every day for 365 days.So here are the fruits of my first 30 days... I definitely picked random subject matters.
November in pictures

Each photograph is individually found in my Frapto Archive, with an explanation about each subject found here-  Frapto Archive . Frapto is basically a photo blog, that I share with a group of others taking the 365 challenge.
The challenge for me, is not only to take a photo a day, but also to improve over time. This is especially important for my sisters wedding in May, as I have mentioned briefly that I am the photographer. So for the time being, if you want a daily fix of me, check out my photos on the frapto site. 

This is what my desk looks like when I am doodling

Nature surprises


  1. It is an impressive collection of photos. I'm curious if you've been able to post every day, or have you let a few stack up and then posted multiples?

    Your desk looks more like an artist's desk than a mere doodler's desk. Be careful, you might yet cross the line. :)

    Frapto looks interesting. As I discover more time, I might have to register.

  2. Looove the octo-squid picture, it is amazing! You are getting better Claire! You'll take awesome pictures at your sister's wedding ;-)

  3. Very cool series in deed. Great use of colour and clever shots of your life

  4. Woohoo! I shall cheer you on in the process! You will do perfectly fine! I think your sister can be proud to have a photographer like you! The pictures you already took are already really cool!

  5. I saw your post at BC and was going to make comment on the photograph of the flower, but people over there kind of scare me. :/ Not really, but you know what I mean.

    Anyway, as I was looking at the flower my girlfriend caught a glimpse and it caught her attention. We both agree that it could easily be mistaken for something National Geographic would publish. Very impressive.

  6. You're photo of your desks makes me want to get organized and setup my arts and craft corner now.In the process of just getting moved in though. Great pictures!

  7. This is a most interesting hobby. Your photographs are unique. Keep it up an ty for sharing. Polar Bear

  8. Fab idea and really cool photos too! What a talent you have! I wish you nothing but success with this!

  9. I love it, what an array of interesting photographs! Frapto, huh? Sounds fun. I hope it works out wonderfully; you deserve it!

  10. Very cool, Claire. Your talent never ceases to amaze me.

    Been a while since I've been over here. I like the new digs. :)

  11. Love the comments on the photos as much as the photos themselves. The light-hearted side of Claire.

  12. Beautiful collection love Nature Suprises...:)

  13. @Haley, posted mainly every day, but once or twice let it stack up to two posts in one day.Most important thing is taking a photograph every day, not really posting every day.

    Nowhere near crossing that line missy lol

    Frapto is a thing that one of my blogging buddies set up, not an actual proper site. All you need is a flickr set :)

    @Deray I love octosquid, here it is in colour

    I am trying to get better! I have until May :)

    @Jean- Luc, Thanks!

    @Roentarre, really appreciate the compliment, especially from a professional like yourself :)

    @TJ, much thanks :) I know you want to do it, but wait until after your studies :)

    @Manwiththe problems, Oh yes I know exactly what you mean :)

    I was chuffed to bits with your compliment! Not sure it is deserved, but appreciated all the same :) Please thank the missus for me :)

    @Michelle, Oh thanks dude, not that you need an creative kick up the arse moments, you have that in bucketloads.

    @Kirsty, It only looked temporarily like that, it is an absolute tip now! Hope you get your crafty stuff set up soon :)

    @Polar Bear, Thank You :)

    @suZen, If you take millions of photos, one or two turn out okay :) Thanks!

    @Cathy, Frapto is just the site domain name thingy, that a friend of mine had, so he decided to use it for a group photography project and I jumped on board :)

    @Tisha, shhush woman, you are talented too and a super mum :)

    Glad you like the new digs :)

    @NP, I am glad that you read them, it is turning into a mini blog over there :)

    @Fatima, Oh thanks, that is my favourite one so far :)