5 Dec 2009

A doodle is for life... etc...

I recently took part in a tagline competition for the Dogstar Foundation 
The Dogstar Foundation was founded in 2006 to provide free veterinary care to dogs and cats in the Kegalle area of Sri Lanka and has expanded to other areas via a series of mobile clinics and outreach projects offering  free neutering and vaccinations The animals that 'check in' to our clinics are not just pets, but also the local 'community' dogs (in the UK, we would call them strays).  Un-neutered and unvaccinated companion animals (pets) and community animals interact daily and this creates an ideal environment for the spread of diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Ever-increasing population of dogs and cats overwhelm the resources of the local communities causing suffering and distress.

I came up with: Making tails wag since 2006 
Which only bloody won, woot! (woof).

They can be found on Twitter and Facebook, so if you want to get more tails wagging them give them a follow.

Over on Frapto, I am still going strong ...

I doth my cap/ tip my hat/curtsey in the direction of Mr @skrift for coming up with this blog post title, he is a writer like person who loves ABBA (albums only, not that Mama Mia shite), a jolly nice chap who is on twitter as @skrift and blogs here Skrift. He also wees more when it is cold and through the power of google, I found out he was not alone in that phenomena. Who said twitter wasn't good for owt?


  1. Congratzzz!! I'm so proud of you - woot woot :o)

  2. Woohoo! congrats Claire!

    I think the wee thing on winter is very common, I don't want to get out of bed when it's super-cold (for my standards :-P).

  3. Congratualationto you Claire! Real creative idea!

  4. Yaaaaaaaaay!! How cool is that ^_^! Congrats!! or I should say it in Dutch: Gefeliciteerd!!

    You look so cute in your doodle!

  5. Congratulations! Did you win for just the tagline, or was your doodle part of the whole package as well?

  6. @The Pink Slip - Well I am glad someone is, cheers :)

    @Deray - Thanks dude :) This wee phenomena isn't a phenomena after all, it is a scientific fact- sweat less = wee more. I suppose you could wet yourself and be temporarily warmed?


    @Wenny, Thanks :)

    @TJ - Oh I know a new word now, I probably butchered it when pronouncing it though. Doodle Claire is cute, unlike real Claire :)

    @ChrisJ - Hey Chris, just for the tagline. I was so chuffed about winning, I felt compelled to doodle :)

  7. Hahaha I wonder how you pronounced it now! Nooo Doodle Claire and Real Claire are equally .... oh I probably should stop talking now hehehe ^_^

    Oh yeah! I send you an email!!

  8. Congratulations, Claire! How wonderful. Did you know that I'm actually half Sri Lankan (on my father's side of the family)? Lovely to know about an organisation there helping all the puppies. Yay! xoxo

  9. I love your Dogstar Foundation doodle! You are well deserving of the highest honors for your accomplishments. Congrats!

  10. "Making Tails Wag since 2006."

    That's priceless. You are so darn clever, girl.

  11. @TJ - You really don't want to know how I pronounced, you would cringe ahaha :)

    Got email, added to the list now, will respond to it later on :)

    @Sezina, How cool, I think I did read that in your 'about me' section. I would love to go Sri Lanka, looks gorgeous.

    @Recycle Cindy, Aww I am glad you like it, doodling a dog is bloody hard! It looked like a sheep the first few goes :)

    @NP So kind of you :)

  12. Congratulations.
    And Omg i love your blog and the template.....

    Happy blogging

  13. Yay! Congrats, Claire, on your tagline awesomeness!

  14. I'll add my voice along here as well! Way to go!

  15. @Esther Thanks very much, really chuffed you like the blog :) xxx

    @Jenn Well it was fun and now I can sort of doodle dogs :)

    @PatientAnon, Aww thanks dude :)

  16. Hahaha I wonder how you pronounced it now! thank for sharing.... :)