6 Nov 2009

Plot Bunnies, photographs and sunshine

First of all thanks for reading the rather long winded 'Three years and counting' post. Hands up if you just scrolled down to the comments? I know some of you buggers did..... heh.
(click to read definition of 'heh', as my offline folks don't usually have a clue).
Anyhoo it was nice to see folks from the past emerge and comment, I call those folks the 'oldies' and was pleasantly surprised to see new folks comment, those shall be the 'newbies'.

The Evil Plot Bunny
For some it is nanowrimo time once more, this is when some crazy folks crack out a novel in a month. All those that I know doing it, are what I would call writers. This leads me once more into the murky world of writing vs blogging. I am firmly entrenched in the ' I am a blogger' category, because quite frankly calling myself a writer feels utterly ridiculous. In saying that, I feel bad, I have spotted that light, I have followed it down a murky tunnel..... Yes I want to be a writer, I want to write a book and yes I hate myself for it. Alright I don't actually hate myself, but it does feel rather daft and grandiose.

I blame .............The Evil Plot Bunny, that furry creature that leaves droppings of ideas all over the place.

Miss Dorman inspired this doodle, so thanks a lot! (lol)

Mumborg News
The Mumborg should be released on Monday, if they get all the paperwork in order. She had a weekend visit and that went rather well, so huzzah and all that bollocks. It will be nice to finally get back to living and having some fun! For the Mumborg I mean. It has been bloody boring, well up until the removing of the leg part. Once she is all settled in and sorted, I will write a longer update.

Keep reading for more stuff and nonsense

Photos and such

One of  the 'oldies' commented on the previous post that I had been lacking in photographic material of late, especially outside the house stuff, it seems photos of my socks are just not good enough! Cheeky cow that she is, Linda was right, she has a nasty habit of being that way (right, I mean). I think jealously definitely kicked in, especially when Lindy loo got an digital slr and her photography has been steaming ahead to professional status ever since.
So thanks to another oldie, Mr JD and Lindy loo, I have had a photographic kick up the arse. JD has kindly took it upon himself to create a group 365 project and I am one of those in the group. I can no longer just lament at the fact that I cant afford an SLR at the moment, I just need to use the camera that I do have, to its death. Although in saying that, I did actually kill it the other day, but thanks to the forum advice found here, a quick bang was all it needed and voilĂ  it was revived. I wonder how long zombie camera will survive before it dies permanently?
 So 365 Photos will be found on the site here Frapto and Flickr set here Frapto365 .

Give me light! 
Don't blame it on the sunshine... Okay do. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I love the smell, the leaves changing, the crisp air. I hate the gloom, the cold, the damp and the darkness. If I was a bear, I would for sure be hibernating right about now. Instead I am eating more crap, in the form of crisps and biscuits.

Dr Deb wrote an intersting post on this here: Seasonal Affective Disorder
You can also follow Dr Deb on twitter -  @DeborahSerani

Other Interesting stuff:
Personal Development and the Dark Side - A great post on Personal Development Blogs and those that delve into the shadows of themselves: Find the post here

You can also follow the author of the post on twitter @mindfulconstrct

Right that is my waffle for the week, time flies when the evil plot bunny chases you all round the house, good thing I love rabbit stew!


  1. I am glad the Mumborg is coming home and I love the new blog template! Awesomely fantastic.

  2. A novel in a month? That would be a very short novel if I wrote it, jajajaja. So, are you doing it or decided to focus on the 365 pictures?

  3. Well, I'm not so sure I like being called a "Cheeky cow" but if the moo fits, wear it I guess! Glad to see that you are venturing forth into the land of photos again, you have an excellent eye even if you can't convince your bugger of a father to lend you his nice camera from time to time! Perhaps you can convince him that a lovely Christmas gift would be a starter DSLR camera - after all, I do believe you've earned one this year!

    Glad to hear that the Mumborg will hopefully be heading home to stay soon. I suspect she's about near had enough of hospital and could use some different scenery. Huzzah indeed! I bet it will be nice to have her home for Christmas!

    As for this time of the year, I am with you on that one. Love the smell of fall, the color of fall, the feel of fall but totally hate what comes after fall! And it just doesn't last long enough, winter doesn't officially start until December 21st but it feels like it's upon us already. Hiss! Boo!

    Ok, now, in your spare time go out and find me a nice English bachelor so that I can move away from Connecticut and across to your part of the old - I have decided I am in need of a change!

  4. LOL! I like your style, you make me laugh. A novel in a month? That's outrageous! I have written 3, and they all took about a year of constant work. Jeesh, it takes at least a month to edit the thing. :) I say bite the bullet and jump's like having a baby. It's a miracle to give birth, but even better they stop crying once you get them out :) I understand that hybernating feeling; sure makes me want to chow down more! Anyway, happy Autumn regardless.

  5. Thanks for introducing me to new blogging words. I enjoy learning new stuff. hehe

  6. Oh I just found out about NaNoWriMo! I also don't have the time to participate this year, who knows, maybe next year! I do think that you would write a very cool novel! I would read it for sure...but you already knew that haha!

    The Evil Plot Bunny seems to have visited my home indeed! But not really for stories, but more for doodles. But maybe that was his cousin? Evil Doodle Bunny?

    I love the doodles! And you're right. If it is grey and gloomy outside, I'm not that happy. Especially when you have to get up early and you see the grey weather outside...I just want to roll over and pretend that the day never started! But I do have to get up -_-...

    Glad too hear that the Mumborg is coming home! Yayy!! Ciao Xxxx

  7. Blogging is real writing. You’re already good at it. Writing, I mean.


    No, really.

  8. Glad to hear your Mom will be coming home soon. Hospitals are boring. I spent a weekend in one once and even a do-nothing slacker of my high degree almost went out of my mind. Read the Dark Side article-interesting.

  9. @still thinking, cheers dude :)

    @Deeray, Hey dude, I think it has to be 50'000 words? or something? So definitely just sticking with the 365 photos this year! I reckon you could crack out a novel easily, well if you had the time.

    @Linda, It was Cheeky Cow in the endearing sense :) It would be easier to save up for a camera :) I would rather mover over there, than you come over here! So you need to start mingling at the grocery store and score someone.

    @Cathy, Like giving birth? doesn't sound good! I could use drugs though, to take the edge off? lol.

    @Moosh, my pleasure :)

    @TJ, yes it must be the Evil Doodle Bunny, who is hairier and has sharper claws! Only six months to go before it is nice weather again....

    @drppanda, thank you :)

    @Relax Max, cheers dude.. heh, no really :)

    @NP, I have no idea how the mumborg manages 8+ months of it. Glad you liked the Dark Side article, I found it really interesting.

  10. I didn't skip to the comment on your 3 year post. It's an huge milestone. I began my personal journal blog almost 6 years ago, and I don't intend to ever make it public as it's a place for me to dump whatever in and get it all out. I find that keeping it gives me a lot of insight into what's going on inside my head.

    this time ~ this space is focused on personal growth, development and relationships and I will soon be publishing post number 500 there. Time flies.

    It's good to hear that mumborg is well enough to come home Claire, as I'm sure she can't wait to get out of the hospital. I really detest being hospitalized. This summer my beloved and I were able to talk my doctors into getting most of my IV therapy via home support.

    Home support raises a question. Will mumborg be able to get it? Do you have nurse practitioners and supervising doctors in a home support program there?

    As for writing an entire novel in a month - no way I could do it, so kudos to everyone who can. I'm off to Personal Development and the Dark Side - thanks for the link.

  11. Hey, there's nothing wrong with you wanting to write a book-- yield to the whispering nibbling pooping of the Plot Bunny! Or if you like, I'll cheer you on, bunny-free!

  12. (This is my third try at a comment here - somehow your blog doesn't like my posts!)

    I think the Evil Plot Bunny is elitist and wrong - give him/her a good thump!

    You don't have to write fiction or poetry to be a writer. Writing makes you a writer and your blog is well written and stylish.

    I know 2 professional writers who raised families, bought houses, etc, all from their writing work and neither has written a novel.

    Cheers! (raising a glass of Lagavulin!)

  13. Nice new layout!
    The Mumborg is finally coming home. Hurrah!!!!

    What a experience she's had. She is a lady of incredible courage and apparently you are following in her footsteps.

  14. Claire -- Wow, that Evil Plot Bunny gets around. Or perhaps there are an underground army of plot bunnies of varying degrees of evil; they sure seem to be everywhere.


    P.S. Great talking with you on BC.

  15. LOL!LOL! that bunny is real evil! nice one

  16. Followed you over here from Crotchety's blog. Very nice my dear, and I'll probably be back. (just a warning) ;)

  17. heyy! Im marissa! I love your blog! Its funny and i really like it. I followed you, so maybe you can follow me? :D