14 Nov 2009

Zombies, Frapto and Mumborg stuff

CEASE AND DESIST VISITORS FROM Hip and Hemipelvectomy Amputees 'Appreciation'group, your presence by linking or mentioning this blog is NOT welcomed. In otherwords piss off and get your kicks from elsewhere.

I am quite simply awful at computer games, with the exception of spider solitaire, I get motion sickness, bored and a whole other feast of side effects when playing them. Even with all that, I have persisted in playing one online game for the past three years (just before I started this blog). The game in question is Urban Dead  and basically:
Urban Dead is a free-to-play browser-based multi-player game where you play the survivor or victim of a zombie outbreak in a quarantined city centre, alongside tens of thousands of others.
I have died 34 times and I am currently one of the undead once more, until a kind soul revives me. I don't like being a zombie, it seems awfully rude to munch on someone to gain points. Of course stabbing, shooting, bludgeoning to death a zombie is the height of politeness... Anyhoo I wander aimlessly round the streets offing zombies, healing survivors and barricading myself in rooms. That is about my level of competence, I think you can see why I have died 34 times.. I don't mind having a bite on a zombie whilst I am undead, but as a zombie I have standards! No eating hoomans, just say no to man flesh when dead.

What else has been happening that doesn't involve zombies? Well keep reading.....

Mumborg Update:Mumborg has been home since Monday and is settling back in rather well, she is having to make adjustments now that she is of one leg. It is remarkable how quickly one can adapt, but I am trying to get her to take things slowly, as she wants to hop before she can hobble.
At the moment the house has been invaded by my nephews, so that has been a wonderful spirit boost for her. As they live in Hamburg at the moment, she hardly sees them and being in hospital for so long, any plans to visit them were put on hold. So trying to fit in maximum fun for their short visit, fitted in the aquarium, cinema, board games and take away food so far ( I am bloody knackered lol).

Frapto Update
Having this 365 photo challenge has been great fun so far and I have been taking tons of photographs, manically pressing every button my poor battered camera has.

Some days you can have loads of images to chose from, some days it is a struggle to take just one.
Here is one that didn't make Frapto


  1. Urban Dead sounds like it would be right up Amanda's alley; I'll have to point her in that direction being that she seems to be a zombie expert!

    Glad to hear that the Mumborg is adjusting to one-legged home life so well (I had no doubt that she would!) and that the grandchildren have been there to keep her hopping, too. Sorry for the bad pun!

    Frapto? Never heard of it!

  2. The zombie description insures that I shall be sticking to "hidden object" puzzles on Blue Fish. Glad to hear the good news on the Mumborg. With the nephews around, there is bound to be a hop scotch game in her future. Best to all and the photos are wonderful.

  3. Wow, those shells are beautiful! I'm so glad Mumborg is adapting and keen to be moving about. It will be interesting to see if you can hold her back!

    I might have to investigate this zombie game ... :)

  4. Aaah I'm pretty awful with shooting games myself. Don't get me started on zombie games. I sometimes freak out because there is a zombie following me. I want to close my eyes, but then I don't know where I'm heading. But man! Those zombie noises are scary! But I keep playing it....Don't know why actually, since I always shake my fist whenever I lose and still try to close my eyes whenever it gets to scary...

    Glad too hear all is going good for Mumborg! Your nephews look so adorable!

    Psst Claire, something else I have to say as well. Just wanna say that I included you in my list of fave blogs ^_^....but this comes with two awards hehehe. Yes I'm not kidding here (usually one award is given, I follow my own rules here).

    You don't have to do anything with the awards though, I just thought I tell you. Not that you will read the post and go like 'Why didn't she tell me?!?!' and make an evil doodle of me. Well actually I would love to have an doodle from you hahaha :D!!

    Oh dear, my comments is a bit long huh ^_^'''

    Take care!! Xxxx

  5. Zombies oh my. I play spider solitaire but I think my computer cheats.


  6. Glad you don't eat hoomans....

  7. Would you believe it? I've never played a computer game in my life. Figuring out how to get my aphorisms on my blog is technologically challenging enough for me. Glad to hear your mom is settling in-she sounds like a truly remarkable person. It must be fun for her to have you around with your two strong hands and puckish sense of humor.

  8. I love spider solitaire. I stink at computer games also, hence the reason I think back of Super Mario Brothers 3 with affection. It was the only video game that I was any good at. It's also the only one I ever won.

  9. thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  10. I had no idea you were out zombie fighting lately. Hm. You think it would have come up in passing. :) "Been doodling... the mumborg is home... looking for new music artists... been fighting the undead." Y'know, stuff like that.

  11. @Linda, it is kinda boring, but stress relieving at the same time. Until some god damn feckin zombie or evil hooman kills ya.

    mumborg is doing great!

    Frapto is a site a fellow blog chum set up, that is why you haven't heard of it :)

    @Jamie, you could more than handle a bit of zombie action :) Thanks for photo compliment :)

    @fromsamesky, yes I thought the creature was beaitiful, if the flash hadn't been on I would never of captured those colours, as the tank was red lit.

    I don't want to hold the mumborg back, but I cant help being afraid of something bad happening.

    Together we could beat the zombie hoards! lol

    @TJ, luckily there is no scary zombie noises in this one, just about simple enough for me lol.
    The nephews are adorable, in a demonic kind of way :)

    WooHoo for the award, even though I am an ungrateful wretch and never do anything with them, that happens with age, or it could just be me being miserable! :)

    You can write comments as long as your arm, they are always welcome and appreciated :)

    @roy, yes my spider solitaire cheats too.

    @Cathy, well not in that game anyways..... hehe

    @NP, with you, I would definitely believe, I do wonder how you cope being on the internet at all? I imagine you performing a vulcan mind meld with it :)

    You always say the nicest things and I don't even pay you for it :)

    @still, Ohhh nice to see/read you :) Even Super Mario is far far beyond my capabilities!

    @Jafa, It was a pleasure! I love your blog :)

    @Jenn, I have been holding this dark zombie secret for too long now, it was time to come out of the zombie closet.... haha

  12. Hmm...really glad and stunned to read this al this, the experiences that you had during all this.

  13. Zombies!! scary!! lol! well at least I know they fight each other hehe

  14. I'm over at FB farming, playing with fish, making my own roller coaster world, and feeling totally foolish. It keeps my mind off of the things I don't want to have to think about, you know?
    I am so proud of you and your mom! I know she's taking great strides, and probably couldn't have gotten this far w/o your help... You're a good egg.
    Just a thought: why does every advancement have to do with leaping, bounding, striding, jumping, etc.? It's rather awkward in this situation but I know you get it....

  15. "Just say no to man flesh."

    I believe that's also written in the wedding vows of every woman.

  16. @Dorothy Well zombies are challenging, but I have been revivified once more and I am back to healing the sick :)

    @Mystery, It is about as scary as I can handle lol :)

    @Gracie, I know what you mean, it makes me so hopping mad that it is awkward for you.... hehe. I know it is the thoughts and prayers from lovely folk like yourself that have kept the mumborg (and me) cheery :)

    @Moooooog35, I had to count the 'o's' then, I wouldn't want to miss out an 'o' on your name. Trust you to hone in on the man flesh :)

  17. I hope you're getting your fix of nephew fun and then storing up the overflow for when they're gone. Sounds fun.

    Glad to hear the mumborg is adapting.

  18. @Haley, had a great, but short visit the nephews, it was lovely :)

  19. Does the zombie game still have you as a player?