8 Feb 2010

Bang bang she is brain dead

Used previously in this post 'I am stuck'

For those that regularly read (hey guys), I had previously written about writing a post which dealt with my concerns/fears/thoughts about becoming a therapist. It was just a short paragraph at the end of this post 'Regardless of the mood, the sun still sets' which in turn had come about from this post 'The empty box and brick wall'.If you read those posts and the comments that go with them, which are invaluable to me, you will probably get a better idea of where my head is, at the moment.

The post title is from a combination of things, over thinking things to death and the incessant 'bang bang' of building work all sodding week! That was not helped matters at all.

Sometimes I feel like I am saying the same thing over and over again, the mental goo had its evil grasp upon me back when I first doodled the mental goo doodle and even though at times it felt like I was free from it, I think I was kidding myself.

If you can't stomach my self indulgent whingeing and waffle please gaze upon the pictures, but even they are mainly gloomy.

From my Pennington Flash set

From my Churchyard set

So as the sunsets on this week and a new one starts, I wonder what is in-store for me this week?
From my Door with a view set

Tech News Alert
For those of you that read this blog and use blogger/blogspot yourself, you may be interested to know that you can now use 'pages' on blogger. I have converted my 'about me' into a page, as it was previously just a backdated post. To use this feature you must be logged into 'blogger in draft', which I have set as my default dashboard anyway. Let me know what you think of this and if you come up with any cool uses for it. For me personally it is just another reason not to move to wordpress.


  1. You are a magnificent photographer!!


  2. Claire, I think you are so amazing! Talented doodler, photographer and wit. We all have doubts about the career we embark on, but I'm sure you will make a wonderful therapist. As for self-indulgent whinging, well, I am the expert at that. I have spent the past year drowning in self-pity over my bad luck. I love the newest photographs BTW. XOXO.

  3. Hang in there Claire! You know where to find me for the bubbles ^_^

    Man! I can just stare at your photographs! Soo gorgeous!

    In my ideal world, I would be done with my studies a year ago. A couple of things prevented that this couldn't happen and even though I know this, I can't help myself to major self indulgent whinhing ever now and then *sighs*.

    And I really don't know why, but you would think that if you see the finish line, you would do what ever it takes to finish the things you have to do, so that you would be free as a bird/penguin/cat...
    Maybe I'm kinda afraid of what will happen once my school days are finally over. I don't know. It will be a new phase without school stuff lingering around. It will be different, because this is the case since...ehm forever hehehe. I even put of the search for a new job now, to make sure I have enough time to do the things I need to do.

    In the end, the most important thing is, that we just have to remind ourselves (each day) that this is the final step, it will be a victory to close this chapter of our lives and start a new one!!

    Gambatte! (= 'You can do it!' in japanese hehe)


  4. I think the churchyard photos are just fab and they should be dark as that's what churchyards are supposed to look like. Dark and gloomy and mysterious. The Pennington pictures are quite lovely in their own right, too. I love the dark clouds!

    I'll have to check out the new Tech News there and try to figure out if I'm techy enough to know what to do with it - chances are ... nope! Thanks for the heads up, though!

  5. Claire-you promised me gloomy pictures, and the serene beauty of the first one took my breath away. The graveyard scenes are, as I mentioned before, stark and very straightforward: "Here's what death's like; get used to it." Mental goo is just that: mental goo. It comes from thinking too much and trying to figure out life in one's head. Instead of giving you clear answers, it just leaves you paralyzed. Why not just take your time: relax, drift,look around; you'll get there. And when you do, you'll probably want to go somewhere else.

  6. First, wonderful photos!

    I've had the whole mental goo thing going on too - it struck me the other day that I need to get out and experience some life in order to have something to write about.

  7. Didn't know about the pages thingy. I have my "about" in the sidebar. I´m sure the "pages" can be used for more than the about stuff. Have to play around with it.
    By the way, I´m a therapist, when I´m not Mr.Poo. Hahaha hard to believe that a therapist give himself a shitty name like that, but the two years in the psychiatry must have done something to me :)
    Don´t worry, its cool to be a therapist.

  8. Sending butt loads of good thoughts your way. I can send some snow too...we've got lots here. ;)

    Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

    I have been playing around with the Pages on blogger. But, since Sanni did my template I can't figure out how to get it to look right with my custom header and she's too busy to bother with a dumb chick like me. So, we'll see if I leave it like it is or not...

  9. I read the post title and thought "oh no something bad happened to mumborg" (sp?).
    I need to check out this page feature- thanks

    Do you enjoy cemeteries? My wife does. I have a post about that - click on the cemetery tag.

  10. Your photos are fantastic. Some days a sunny sky just doesn't work.
    You know, the thought of taking on other people's darkness' and wounds must be overwhelming. It's a lot different than pushing paper around like I did for years. But there has to be a reason you were led in that direction. I feel that you are empathetic and also have a gigantic sense of humor that will stand you in good stead. Being introspective is a good thing, up to a point; when you start doubting your abilities. I think that is just a human foible, one we all indulge in!
    I have no doubt that you will excel in your chosen career...

  11. I have to say I am not a regular reader as I just stumbled upon this blog with random clicking, but your eyes capture beauty like so few can.

    Amazing photos. :]

  12. Wow, your layout is seriously CUTE and I love the photographs, especially their gloominess. The play of colors are just fantastic! I'm delighted to have come across this blog! =D

  13. These photos are excellent. Captures the atmosphere of the locations so well :-)

  14. @wolfie, Thanks Wolfie! Although I am now kinda bemused, as I know more than one person that could be called wolfie! Who knew that could happen? hehe

    @Still, Last year was a horrid year for us both, I hope the goo lets you go soon and this year is better for us both.

    @TJ - I think you are single handedly responsible for nearly all the bubbles! The blue one though, not the nasty red ones :)

    Thanks about the photographs! :)

    I think you are right, the more you think about when you would of/should of finished studies, the more negative stuff floods in. There is definitely a fear factor too, will I be left with a big 'What now?' kind of feeling.

    I cant wait for the victory, or just making it to the next step! hehe

    @Linda, I kinda thought you might like the churchyard ones, I wasn't sure whether the fog would help or hinder, but it definitely helped! So if you get any fog your way, then head to the nearest cemetery.

  15. @NP I see gloom and beauty in them, so I am happy you do too :)

    What you are saying, is what I say to other people, it makes total sense, but somehow is harder to apply to ones self.

    I like that you reflect my own thoughts back at me, it gives them an extra punch and I have definitely chilled out this week.

    @Jon, Thanks about the photos!

    Another mental goo victim, tis not good! But as you have said, it kinda forces you to make changes, even though they may prove to be difficult. Or at least think about making changes in your life, so that you get more out of life. I hope you get out there!

    @Lois Oh that was nice :)

    @Mr Poo, Glad I was able to enlighten you about the pages.

    Haha! I am not sure whether to scared/terrified or amused by that fact?

    @Tisha Thanks dude! I will take the thoughts, but not the bloody snow! hehe

    I am lucky because my custom template is easy to add the pages too, phew!!! But not sure what to add pages about.

    @lisleman, oh thanks for being concerned about mumborg, that was really nice :)

    I like the history and photo opportunities in the cemetery.

  16. @Gracie I like to think that being introspective is ultimately a good thing, like knowing one self inside out, but sometimes you feel too raw with it. Thank bloody hell for my sense of humour and great friends :)

    @Eksy, Hey thanks for stumbling upon my blog and leaving a comment. It was really nice of you and I am glad you like the photographs :)

    @shanaz, Oh thanks very much, very nice of you to say that :)

    @Donato, All these compliments about the photographs shall go to my head! Keep them coming hehe! I am much obliged :)

    I know you are arty farty yourself, so your opinion is appreciated.

  17. Mental goo. Rhymes with pooh. Now that's a concept I can empathize with...


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  19. @Steve Now that wasn't very nice now was it, you uncouth little bugger :) Having read your interview with the frontier psychiatrist I like your style even more and I am almost tempted to ask you more about that Bikram oven.

    @lagose, hmmm I have no idea what you that comment is meant to be all about, just looks like an excuse to link drop to me?

    There is absolutely no anxiousness at all about my literary impact, because I am not trying to

    make a literary impact.

    So I have deleted your comment.

  20. You’ve had a great deal to contend with this year. I hope that you are taking a little time to take care of yourself and distress.

  21. haha thanks for keeping up on the hair, how are YOU?? i've been sort of lazy about posting since i'm back at school... i've been reading your tweets - what in the WORLD is going on at your house??? haha

    i hope you're well!

  22. Hi
    Just stumbled on your blog today and I do like it. Awesome photography. You certainly have an eye for beauty and gloom. :p

    The pages feature you mentioned is kind of nice but it doesnt let u put in more than one post. So, im using one page for my fav videos. hehe!

    Best of luck

  23. I love your blog! beautiful pictures <3

  24. First of all, I have been a 'fan' for years. The first picture really was amazing in that it has the effect of movement. So glad we are friends, even at a distance. Hang in there dudette. :)

  25. Fantastic pictures

  26. Thanks guys :)

    @Lauren, I have the neighbour from hell next door, banging shit out of god knows what! Other than the mental goo, I have been cool :)

    @Carol, Hey you are more than a fan to me :)

    Writing a new post now, stayed tuned.