31 Jan 2010

Pictures and Pondering

My next written post will be most probably of epic proportions, due to the nature of its contents. So in the meantime please gaze upon my latest photographic offerings. I have picked the best from each new Flickr set and then provided the link to the rest of the sets for your enjoyment.

From the Parkgate set

From the New Brighton set

From Local Churchyard set

From Door with a view set

Please remember if you are desperately missing more regular blogging from me, I am blogging daily on my photo a day blog, which is linked in the sidebar! I am currently on Day 91! Time certainly does fly.
So that should explain why I am taking so many ruddy photographs at the moment, if you didn't know that already. The main motivation for the photo a day project is preparation for the wedding of the year in May. Not my wedding, but the big little sisters, who is letting me take the photographs.. poor girl!


  1. I like the one of the tombstones, I have one of a similar nature that I cyanotinted. I also like the lighthouse. I like the header on your blog here as well.

    Don't work too hard, and maybe take some ginkgo biloba and a bit of phosphatidylserine to help with all that thinking.

  2. just de-lurking to say that the first one is really cool. wow, such a good example of chiaroscuro. well, there goes my only allotted big word for the week...LOL

  3. You'll do an awesome job for your big little sister! :) She's lucky to have ya.

  4. Your pictures are very good Claire, maybe you should think seriously about never know....

  5. Good morning! Your sis can be proud to have a photographer like you Claire ^_^! I kid you not! I love these shots!

    I will check out your other blog.

  6. Love the starkness, the detachment, of these photos. The tombstone shot has a kind of sinister realism. Something so cold, so blunt, about it. Am breathlessly awaiting the arrival of your epic.

  7. You do have a wonderful eye, you know. Your sister will be more than pleased - and you will, too. I love the cloud factor and that funky little gargoyle in the cemetery! What age is that? I'm used to seeing the lion/eagle, winged gargoyles and this little guy made me giggle.
    Looking forward to your next entry.

  8. Looks to me like all of your practice is paying off and it's very nice to see you posting pictures again like you used to do when you would take your hikes around the countryside.

    I think your sister will be well pleased with your photographic prowess. When is the wedding again? I will be photographing Frank's on the 8th of May I think it is. Perhaps we'll be wedding shooting at the same time?!?

  9. Blimey, them be well atmospheric shots, CR.

  10. Love the sense of a heart shape at the end of the railroad. Nice image.

  11. Your photos are getting better and better! Natural talent goes a LONG way.

  12. Some great stuff, Claire! Can't wait to delve more deeply into the pics... Maybe tomorrow when it's quiet here. :)

  13. Beautiful shots, Claire! I love to take photos, but they don't often turn out as I would like.


  14. I love your photos, you seem to be doing a great job with your photo a day challenge. I am so awful at taking them... I'm jealous! I love them all, they have a fantastic atmosphere about them.

  15. Some cracking shots there Miss Pitt, especially like the clouds.

  16. Very cool. To me, they all share one thing in common. An eerie feel. Or perhaps, an atmosphere inspiring loneliness. I find your photography unique. That much is for sure. The swirling clouds pic is my favorite. I'll click your link to check out the rest.


    Sorry I haven't been to your site for awhile.

  17. Love the shot Claire. Among my favorites.


  18. @Descartes

    Thank you muchly and am in serious need of some ginkgo biloba at the mo.


    I had to look up your allotted big word of the day! Ohh that a cool word it is indeed! Thank you for delurking, even though I never considered you as a lurker anyway :)


    Thanks muchly dude, can't help but worry though.

    @Danagib, My photos are pants when you look at the real professionals, but you made my day even thinking that! :)


    Thankyou for that and for all your wonderful comments here and on other blog, they give me a great big cheesy smile :D

    @NP, loved your description of my photographs, make me ponder even more.


    Hard to guess the age of the gargoyle but I can find out! Some of the church is over a 1000 years old, but it has been rebuilt a few times in other parts :)


    Your comments and Gracie's about missing photos like that made me think, so have made a special effort for you guys :)

    Heathers is two weeks after Frank's so you better be on standby for international tips! :)

    Ohhh thanks! Didn't realise I was going for that look, till well after I took them :)

    @Jamie, Thanks muchly :)

    @still! Appreciate that from you dude, you have the 'eye' :)

    @Jenn, have noticed you have been rather quiet, I thought work might have taken even more of your limited free time away from you! They are ebil.

    @Brian, do you have any online? Love seeing other peoples stuff. I take a million shots and am lucky to be left with any :)

    @Penny, don't be a fibber! I have seen some of yours and they are great! You just need to get out there, I have been lucky with the weather, extra sunshine days do all the hard work really.

    @Chris, Much obliged kind sir, still a Long way to go!

    @Kelly, Nice to see you about anytime, I am a shocking blog visitor at the mo, just read stuff in my feed reader.

    A few people have pointed out the eerie lonely atmosphere and the more I think about it, the more that accurately reflects my mood of late. Really appreciate the comment :)

  19. @Rich, thanks Rich :) Still working on other post, I haven't forgotten :)

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