13 Mar 2010

Get bloody on with it

This is blog is in semi hibernation mode as I get bloody on with stuff, mainly college assignments (Oh deja-vu moment.....)

Other news:
I have a beautiful new niece Arwen Elizabeth, she is two weeks old today.
Not seen the little munchkin yet, as she lives in Hamburg, Germany, with my sister and rest of their family. My younger nephew Connor was not happy that I stayed home to do bloody college work, whilst my parents went over to see the new baby. So the little bugger decided to stab me in the heart with this note, that he gave to the mumborg to pass onto me.

Dear Claire
Why did you stay at home?
Love you lots
Wow that kid takes after me, emotional blackmail or what? I will have to kick his wee arse when I see him in May. Well by kick his arse, I probably mean photograph him to death and get him to chant 'Claire is awesome'.

Still doing photo a day thing, if you want to check out those HERE

I am still floating around in the blog aether, don't forget about me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS: Listen to this, I love it:


  1. Ooh Claire, Such a beautiful child and her cute feet. I would dearly love to hold her close and feed her a warm bottle of milk. You are lucky. Connor's note was perfect. You are all Blessed!

  2. LOL... Connor's a smart guy -- he knows where to hit it... and Arwen is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy schoolwork...

  3. His way of getting attention, babies are ever so cute lovely pic..Good luck with your sch work.

  4. She is soo precious and cute ^_^!!

    Awww that note was so sweet and truly thought through. The use of two colors to slightly trigger you creative side...erasing words here and there to keep it mysterious (what wanted he to write in the first place? etc.)Ha! He knows exactly how to get to you. You should be proud :D.

    Yes! Just keep on typing! I strengthened the bubble barrier for you. I really did.

    You know, I didn't expect a melody like that when I watched the beginning. I like it :D!

    Ciaooo Xx

  5. Hard to explain the complexities of bloody college work to the wee ones, ain't it? Of course, had you done it when you were supposed to in the first place then you COULD have gone over and made Connor happy but oh no ... you had to take another turn around the block on the Procrastination Bus, didn't you?

    There, feel better???

  6. Arwen is a-frakking-dorable! Your nephew will be a wise man :-P

    At least BC got so boring that you can't procrastinate there as much ;-)

  7. Well, I guess Linda handed that to you on a silver platter! Guilt, it's such a motivating factor - least it works with me. Connor missed his favorite auntie, that's all. Sweet child.
    I listened to your tune - it's nice but a bit too techno for this old heavy metal guitar lover. But it was fun...

  8. I know how you feel with the bloody work at the moment :(

  9. Hi Claire. Arwen is beautiful and precious, so lovely...Connor is a sweet boy, he missed you, lol..

  10. What an adorable baby! I'll bet you were that cute, too! And what lucky nieces and nephews, to have a goofy aunt like you, to encourage them to all sorts of mischief!

  11. Beautiful baby, great pictures, and adorable nephew ... hope you are feeling better.

  12. Beautiful baby,,little angel face