20 Apr 2010

Still sleeping

Well by still sleeping I mean this blog, I would love to still be sleeping, but alas I am busy busy busy.

My sister Jemma is taking Amazing pictures of my new baby niece! Here is one of my favourites of Arwen with her older brother Ewan. Only a few weeks till I get to see her for the first time and spend time my two awesometriffic nephews.

My Awesome friend Karen got married on Saturday, so last Wednesday I travelled down south and spent the whole weekend involved in wedding fun, Saturday was a beautiful day and I took over 500 photographs, which I need to edit!
I owed Karen a very belated birthday present and the rule was that it had to be handmade, so I decided to do a doodle. I have been working on it for ages, practising drawing her, her partner and their animals, whenever I had a moment to spare. It was much harder than I thought it would, because I wanted it to be special.
Version one was okay, but just not very Karen or special enough, so I consulted my doodle mentor Miss TJ and got her opinion on what I needed to change. Her advice was invaluable and although I was fed up with making stupid mistakes with version one, I am so happy that I did it again!

Version One:

Version two:

I am still taking photos every day, just don't have the time to bloody upload the things!! It is my sisters medieval hen weekend, this weekend! So Edinburgh watch out! Hopefully I will have time before her wedding on May to catch up on the photographs and write about all the daft things I have planned for her this weekend.

/puts blog back in bed and turns back to twitter


  1. Although version 1 was not bad, version 2 is adorable! You can see the love between them. Do they really have a turkey? jajajaja

  2. Can't I like both doodles? Well, I do. Neener, neener. :)

  3. The niece and nephew are beautiful. I love both doodles but the second one with all the animals looks like the most fun.

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  6. I think perhaps you need to delete that comment above mine as it's obviously spam due to the fact that if he/she had actually read your blog, they would see that you do write great articles but not very bloody often! "Better promote your blog" my arse!

    Anyhow, all that said, lovely picture of Arwen and Ewan - your sister obviously does photography as well as you do! Of course, not having seen too many pictures of late that's really just a guess on my part! ;-)

  7. Wow, you are so busy recently. Wishing you enjoy taking photos.
    Have the nice day.

  8. @Deray Tis a peacock! What kind of bloody turkeys do you have over there?

    I was so glad I redid the doodle version 2 is so much more like them :)

    @Carol, you may like both of them and its very nice of you to say so! :)

    @Jamie, so glad that my sister is loving photography as that means I get tons of photographic updates on new niece and two nephews. Doodle 2 is more fun, so you are so right with that.

    @Awais, much obliged.

    @impotenta, mkay

    @Linda, I can't delete it now, because your reply to it amuse me to much :)

    I haven't been posting much, so its may bad really :)

    @coolingstar9 Thanks to you

    @Jean-Luc Thank you! means a lot :)