12 Jun 2010

Tis all the bloody hamsters fault or something

This is herbert and sherbert, they are the hamsters that control my PC and they are feckin useless. I have tried putting hamster pellets in the air vents of my PC, but still it runs like shit. So it must mean the hamsters need replacing or something? Hamster butties anyone?

Doodle news: 
I totally forgot to pimp out this post about yours truly, so if you want a slightly better insight into the inner working of my doodle brain, then please read this 'Artist Profile: Claire Pitt'. Being the modest mary that I am, I am not all together comfortable, if at all, with the title 'artist', but I am a million percent flattered by it.

I should be going on a Intro to Art Therapy day sometime in the near future (if I can find that ruddy piece of paper), so no doubt that will be fuelling more doodle like thoughts and ideas.

Wedding Photography update:
By Christ! Editing wedding photographs is a long job! I am about half way through and I am rather chuffed with some and not so chuffed with others. There are so many things one would do differently, but that is for another post. Hope you like this one? Tis one of my favourites so far.

Music of the moment:
Not sure I have any business writing about music, but I shall plod on nonetheless. For a while now, I have been on folk vibe, listening to music that plucks at your soul ,as well as the odd ukulele.  I have never wanted a triangle and tambourine, as much as I do right now, but luckily for the rest of the world I haven't gotten any (yet).
In the last post I mentioned Evening Chorus, who still need your Vote by the way. In this post I shall mention the next band that has been played rather a bloody lot in my playlist of late..  
                                                 Black Atlantic

They can be found here, here and here

Music news sort of...
Twitter led me to Slowcoustic which led me to Yer Bird Records, which then led them back to me. This is because Yer Bird Records is now run by Slowcoustic and his wife. Anyhoo it is the mother load of Fanfolkingtastic music (including Black Atlantic) and I was over the moon that they wanted to use a few of my photographs for the latest album 'Folk Music For What Lies Ahead' . At last I shall have a teeny tiny claim to fame and glory at last! Ooops it appears to have gone to my head already.

I should have the album in my grasp soon! (Shouldn't I Folk Gods?) and then I can gush more about the fanfolkingtasticness of it all.

Toodle Pip!


  1. Claire, You work has evolved to the point I must add fine art photography to it. Your doodles are priceless, and the favorite wedding shot it so detailed. Very nice. By the way, how did you get your girl in the header to look 3D ? And what is chuffed?

  2. Your pictures have a certain antique quality, reminding me of how photographs looked when I was young. An impersonal quality, almost detached, which is something I personally like. Sorry about Herbert and Sherbert, but they seem to be a basic component in every computer, including mine.

  3. Wow, that's a beautiful photo. I know what nothingprofound means, it looks like the kind of hand tinted black and white photos my parents had for their wedding. Don't feel uncomfortable with the word artist, there's no need to :)

    Are you doing intro to art therapy in London? If so, what's the date?

  4. An album cover??? Holy cow, that's great! I knew her when, right?
    The wedding photo is outstanding, and I'm sure the rest are, too!

  5. Wow! Congrats on being published with the CD. That is so cool! Feckin' cool, as you say. :) I dread the editing process of my brother's upcoming wedding. I am thinking about investing in two more 8 GB flash cards so I can shoot everything in RAW&JPG, its an option on my camera I have never tried before. But the idea of not having to TOUCH each image just to convert it to jpg, entices me. It means for those that I am lucky enough to shoot well enough SOOC, I will not have to waste time editing.

    I love that pic with the bouquet, you did a kick a$$ job!

  6. Hamster pellets and folk music in the same post...impressive!

  7. @Theresa

    You always say the nicest things :) I think the doodle looks 3D because of the pen I used originally to highlight it.

    Original doodle is here:

    Chuffed is extremely happy :)

    @NP, As usual your comment made me think and you are spot on with the detached, although I wasn't going for an impersonal vibe, more a snatched moment (I think).

    Curse all the bloody hamsters!

    @Bird, hey Bird! Glad you like it :) Maybe piss artist? haha :)

    No not London, too expensive at the moment, but if this one day thing goes well I am definitely thinking of heading your way!

    @Amazing Gracie, I am chuffed about the album cover, but more for the music that is being released, it is going to be beautiful music! Well I think/hope so anyways and so much better than the tripe that is about in the mainstream world. I have turned into a music snob :)

    @Lisa, Hey Lisa! Erm that was a bit technical for me! I think I shot mine raw/jpg hence the 7GB of data used (but not sure!). There are some that I could of left untouched I think, but as it was my sister it just didn't feel right not to make the most of them, considering I do that just for daft photographs on my blog. I f you know what I mean? I am having a week off from this week, just so I don't have nightmares about her face! lol. Really looking forward to hearing your opinions about the rest when I do an update on the finished lot! Some time I hope!

    @Zashime: They are evil hamsters! :)

    @Gangster of love:

    Hey thanks for popping over! I have seen in your profile that you are a bit of a folk fan yourself?

  8. I love Herbert and Sherbert - what a wonderful piece of visualization - having an off day and chucking bits of the innards of your pc around. This just made me giggle so much.

    The wedding piccie is awesome - like something out of a coffee table art book.

    We live in East Anglia and sometimes get to the Cambridge folk festival - if you have never been, do check it out, a much much gentler festival than places like Reading et al. You also get all the new age stalls and everything which I find incredible fun - am an absolute sucker for anything a bit 'mystic' - you know the sort of stuff.. "wear this dead water vole up your left nostril when you go to bed and when you wake up tomorrow morning you will be size 8...."

  9. Hey Juliana,

    No no no you are meant to hate herb and sherb! They are lucky I didn't do a more disturbing doodle, involving hamster death.

    Much obliged about the wedding photo :)

    I love East Anglia, not been for a few years though, my dad loves bird watching in all that area.

    Hmm will definitely look into Cambridge Folk Festival, sounds like something I would really enjoy. I could really do with another dead water vole, although I do have my eye on two hamsters....

    Thanks for popping in!


  10. "A bit of a folk fan" is somewhat of an understatement! You have an excellent blog, keep up the good work! :)

  11. @Gangster, how gangster are you? Or is the username from lyrics?

    Ohh if you have any folky recommendations please do share! :)

    Much obliged for the compliment and comments :)

  12. The wedding photo is outstanding. You are very very talented Claire! I can't wait to see more!

  13. @still

    Hey dude! Thanks for that, glad I am taking a break at them moment, but I am looking forward to seeing what you think.

    Hopefully sister gives me the nod and lets me share!

  14. Dude if I can call me "genius", I can call you "artist". :)


  15. @WG shurrup! haha :) I LOVE the encouragement and all the good stuff you send my way :)

  16. I would try some cedar chips through the USB, sort of freshen things up for the hamsters.